Hello all, here are a few trail updates as we head into our wonderful fall trail weather!

The Red Rock Ranger District is making additions to the District trail system to enhance the visitor experience and protect sensitive soils. Your help is needed to open these new FS system trails to the public and ensure that the work meets the needs of trail users. The District will be hosting several volunteer work events that will begin in late October and continue through the winter. Project work will include new trail construction, sign installation, rock armoring, and drainage structures. If interested please send your contact information and direct any questions to Justin Poehnelt, Trails Technician, at jwpoehnelt@fs.fed.us. Or call Justin at 203-7531. Information about the new trails is attached at the bottom of this e-mail.
The District continues the assessment of potential trails in the Soldier Wash area and will make a decision regarding this area in September. A trailhead on 89A (by the curbcut across from Les Springs) is still expected to be constructed by a private party once trails are added to the system. The District also continues the assessment of potential trail additions north of Deadhorse State Park. An endangered plant complicates the planning, but we are making progress and hope to have something to add in the fall.
FS will be meet with the City of Sedona on Sept 28th to continue the discussion of how to find a public trail connection between the Thunder Mt area with the Dry Creek area (need for an easement across private property).
National Public Lands Day is September 24th. We will be identifying several projects and putting more info out about that. Hope some of you will join in the activity.
Trail signing around Sedona continues largely due to the efforts of FS tech Brenna Kenney. If you notice areas that are poorly signed, please let me know.
A toilet has been added at Baldwin and Doe trailheads (Doe is still perched above the ground awaiting excavation through rock for the vault installation). These are heavy use trailheads and need toilets. Additional toilets may be installed at sites (such as Midgley and Yavapai Vista) but depend on fund availability.
District Trails, Wilderness, Rivers coordinator Paul Hart left for a job in California. His position will be filled, but not sure when at this time, due to federal budget uncertainties.

As always, if you have questions, concerns or ideas about trails do not hesitate to contact me or Justin (contact info above).

About the trail additions....

Background: Recently a decision was made to add several trails to the District's trail system. This decision was made after a 15 month planning process during which we recieved over 200 comments and conducted hydrology, biological and archaeological assessments. The decision includes the addition of several trails near Sedona. It also includes restoration actions on areas associated with these trails. For those interested the decision memo is attached below. Final cultural clearances are yet to be done. No work on these new trails can occur until the clearances are done. If you are interested in helping with the trail work...see note at top of e-mail!

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