Foto Friday: Epic Snow-
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    Foto Friday: Epic Snow

    Well, it's actually Foto Sunday....

    When there is this much snow (courtesty of El Niņo), making ski tracks is more fun.


    Allison Clay (02/07/2019)

    Allison Clay (02/07/2019)

    Fort Valley Trails (02/22/2019)

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    dbflg, hasn't the hemispheric pattern has been more like a La Niņa pattern most of the winter? Atmospheric coupling with sub-tropical connection is possibly more related to MJO phase space and not El Nino? Talk dirty to me.

    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-7meadows_1024.jpg

    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-south-side_1024.jpg

    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-south-side2_1024.jpg

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    Here's a few from the weekend. I had to put on my hiking shoes since I'm out of commission for the short term.
    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-img_20190223_230521_301.jpg
    Picketpost Mtn. from the Queen Creek crossing along the AZT.

    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-img_20190223_130257.jpg
    Picketpost reflection.

    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-img_20190223_123726.jpg
    Superior & Apache Leap from the AZT.

    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-img_20190224_095307_290.jpg
    Wave Cave views.

    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-img_20190223_180410.jpg
    Queen Creek Wash @Sossaman Rd.

    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-img_20190224_123706.jpg
    That Four Peaked Mtn.

    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-img_20190224_131701.jpg
    Sledding action off AZ87 @Mt. Ord.
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    Damn, you certainly do get around.

    Couldn't help but try to see as much as I could while the weather lasted too.

    Friday during my lunch break, took a 10 min drive north from work and this was the view of the McDowells near where the city shut down the road to the Tom's Thumb trailhead.
    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-tomsthumb.jpg

    Right after work, Thompson Peak:
    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-thompson-peak.jpg

    Later on Friday, just north of Brown's Ranch:
    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-browns2.jpg

    Very rare cactus that blooms in the cold temperatures to reveal the beautiful 'Ciguaro' flower.
    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-puff.jpg

    Then for good measure, a visit to Gold Canyon on Sunday:
    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-gold-canyon.jpg

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    my back yard.

    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-img_20190222_072412246.jpg
    Dont make me go all Jonathan Winters on this gas station.

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    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-20190222_065914.jpg
    not that impressive, but this is at 1600 feet of elevation.

    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-20190223_123126.jpg
    Bell Pass, looking east

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    Flatiron Saturday Morning

    Wild to see it like this
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Foto Friday: Epic Snow-flatiron1.jpg  

    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-flatiron2.jpg  

    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-flatiron3.jpg  

    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-flatiron4.jpg  

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    Ok, now I'm jealous.... I've never been up to flatiron in the snow. Only time I've ever even been to the area under snow/ice I had to turn around at the waterfall/siphon draw area. Just couldn't safely get up that slickrock covered in ice.

    Would be a damn fun time to do the full ridgeline again =)Foto Friday: Epic Snow-20170225_182114.jpg

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    Browns today...

    Foto Friday: Epic Snow-img_20190226_134053527%7E2.jpg

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