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    Foto Friday 03/11/2016

    A couple of images from yesterdays ride in Sedona.
    It was a short ride up Old Post to Skywalker and then down Scorpion.

    And here's one from last week from the Merry-Go-Round looking down on the Cowpies.

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    This is me with some shopping carts.

    Feeling proud with my new rig.
    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-dsc00602.jpg

    A drunken slumber on campus in a spectacular Target cart model.
    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-dsc00628.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by raisingarizona View Post
    This is me with some shopping carts.

    Feeling proud with my new rig.

    A drunken slumber on campus in a spectacular Target cart model.
    What kind of tires you runnin' on that thing?

    Somebody had to ask.

    Sunset at the top of the world...okay maybe just South Mountain.

    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-img_9478_79_80-large-.jpg

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    just one. from this morning's ride...

    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-12829051_10153532745978123_2946359896257126062_o.jpg
    "May your trails be winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view." - Ed Abbey

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    Playing hookie with the coworkers and showing them some goods on their first sedona ride. I have had a great influence at my work alot of people have picked it up and its even bled into their families as well .
    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-hl2.jpg
    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-hl8.jpg
    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-hl12.jpg
    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-hl16.jpg
    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-hl18.jpg
    Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of
    arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body.

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    Granite Mountain

    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-20160307_135839-2-.jpg

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    Following up a fun day of riding with beef short ribs on the smoker.

    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-pyramid_1.jpg

    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-pyramid_2.jpg

    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-sketch.jpg

    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-beef-short-ribs.jpg

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    Cool-blue Rhythm Excellent year for wildflowers so far. Here's the last 2 wekends

    lake Pleasant last weekend
    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-wf_2016_02.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-wf_2016_03.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-wf_2016_04.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-wf_2016_05.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-wf_2016_06.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-wf_2016_07.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-wf_2016_08.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-wf_2016_09.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-wf_2016_10.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-wf_2016_11.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-wf_2016_12.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-wf_2016_13.jpg

    McDowell's last weekend
    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-post_2016_01.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-post_2016_02.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-post_2016_03.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-post_2016_04.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-post_2016_05.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-post_2016_07.jpg

    Papago Park on Sunday
    Foto Friday 03/11/2016-pap_2016_02.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-pap_2016_03.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-pap_2016_06.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-pap_2016_07.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-pap_2016_08.jpgFoto Friday 03/11/2016-pap_2016_09.jpg

    Hopefully can hit Gold Canyon this weekend
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Foto Friday 03/11/2016-wf_2016_14.jpg  

    26FS & 29Rigid... best of both worlds

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