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    Flag Weekend Ride Report

    I spent the weekend riding the fabulous trails on Mt Elden. The weather was *perfect* and the trails were still in good shape. Some spots were getting a little "chalky"...but all-in-all they are still holding up well.

    My friend bought a little house in downtown flag and I made that my home base for the weekend. He showed me how you can get from downtown to both the Schultz Creek and Buffalo Park areas using Flagstaff's "urban trails" (dirt/gravel trails). I never knew these exist -- pretty cool!

    There were lots of downed trees across the trails...more than I ever remember this time of year. Some of them were freshly cut through...but most were not so you had to dismount and walk/hike around them. A few had "helper" logs put on both sides so you could ride up-and-over...fun! Hobbit Forest had a *huge* tree down towards the bottom...right over the fun tech stuff...which was a bummer. I tried to find a way around but the trees were just too tight to make it rideable.

    I also rode the Lower Oldham trail for the first time this weekend. For some reason I never had a reason to ride that trail before, but today I incorporated it into my loop. Man...that is a fun trail! Lots of small ups/downs with some pretty fun tech stuff to keep you on your toes. I will definitely be riding that one again.

    Saturday - rode from downtown Flag via the "urban trails" to Schultz Creek, up Schultz Creek to Sunset, up Sunset to Hobbit Forest, played around on Hobbit Forest some...and then went down Little Bear, up Mt Elden trail to Sunset, Sunset to Schultz Creek, down Schultz Creek, and back to downtown via the "urban trails".

    Sunday - rode from downtown Flag to Buffalo Park, up Lower Oldham to Brookbank, up Lower and Upper Brookbank to Sunset, up and over Sunset to the campground, then up Secret Trail to Supermoto, down Supermoto to Schultz, Schultz back to downtown via the "urban trails".

    I'm heading up again next weekend. Anybody want to join me?


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    Hey Doug -

    We got a crew heading up for a Saturday ride - The Classic Eden Loop (your first ride). We got some 'Elden Virgins' coming along, so the pace will probably be a little slow for you.

    We should be at the lower Schultz trailhead by 9 AM Saturday morning.

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    Post weekend update

    I kinda followed your Saturday and Sunday route. Up Schultz, to Sunset, to Little Bear, to Secret, to Upper Moto, to Lower Moto and finally Ft. Valley. Warm, windy day. I didn't encounter downed trees, as those I ran into in April when I was last on Sunset. Those downed trees were graciously cut and removed. Little Bear had many, many fresh downfall removals. Thanks to the forest gnomes removing deadfall, the track was really fun. Thanks to those who carried a saw up there. Anyone heading up that a way should be blessed with typical June riding conditions. It was "hot" for a local while riding but when I stopped to rest under a tree, it seemed almost cold. It was nice to have a dry shirt to change into to wear on the downhills. Monsoon is about a month away, so if I'd say that it is now the hottest time of year to ride up here in these hills.
    This 3 hour plus ride was pretty quiet. A couple of young women with big burly dogs were out hiking up Sunset. A couple of horses headed downhill from Schultz tank. A car or three on the road. Perhaps the wind kept folks from venturing out and about. Certainly not like the weekend.

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