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    Idea! do you twitter? (not ot)

    I was reading CS moniter;

    And I wondered if it would be a boon or bane for mtb riders planning rides, giving ride reports or giving current trail conditions? I would forecast that largely urban riding areas like Phoenix and Tucson would be a place where such technology would first see such use. Or if an enterprising outfit in a mtb destination (moab, downieville, whistler) would care to attract or distract significant numbers or people from one place or another? Here is a scene out at South Mountain using Twitter. Say you are out riding with a couple of buddies, you have done the ride up Morman to BV and are returning down National. At some point on the ride you check messages on your phone and there is a twitter text from "joe-bob's shuttle service". They will just happen to be going by the ramadas (because they do this all the time) at nearly the same time you estimate that you will be there. Cool, they have 3 seats available and would like to take a full van up the usual shuttle drop off point. You and your buddies hustle down to get the extra ride bonus, just by the use of this service.
    I have not checked out Twitter, nor am I text message type, but I do see some businesses have accounts, checking about customer feedback, concerns, rants, and raves. I was wondering if this type of technology is developing into something useful or is it just another fad just wasting time for teenagers?
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    If someone could rationally explain the appeal I'd consider it. Might be interesting to have a dedicated tweet about topics of local MTB interest (trail conditions, rider down, demo truck spottings, etc.) that anyone could subscribe to or post to, with a single moderator/owner that could boot anyone who spammed it with dumb off-topic stuff.


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    I just got a Facebook- do I have to get a Twitter now too?

    Maybe I'll just skip it all and go for a ride instead.
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    a real-life fer instance: @azsnowbowl twitters me, @rockychrysler, and conceivably many others the conditions and lift-status each morning. to me this handy use alone is justifcation for twitter.

    but, then, there's also another plus: when i am sitting in the lodge waiting for the lift to open (probably because it snowed or something crazy like that) because @azsnowbowl didn't send out his twitter until 8:50, i can type out a twitter tweet on my phone (and also simultaneously automatically update my facebook status) to let my not-yet-on-the-mountain friends know what's going on. it works. sometimes. only breaks down when @azsnowbowl fails to realize that by 8:50 i am already in lot 3 buckling my boots.
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    I have never heard of twitter before I saw this post 2 days ago. Since then I swear I have seen twitter all over the place. Its kinda like Lewis Black said,
    "your friend tells you there is a bear $hittin everywhere. you say that's ridiculous, but the next day that bear is following you around."

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    Quote Originally Posted by hfy108
    I just got a Facebook- do I have to get a Twitter now too?

    Maybe I'll just skip it all and go for a ride instead.
    Best idea today!
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    2 things I see here:

    1. do you want to be connected to your toys on the hill? Despite as much time as I spend online, I personally do not like connectedness anywhere but on my computer, unless....

    2. there is a substantial benefit. The snowbowl example was a good one, or the shuttle. But I'm struggling to find other timely mtb uses for a simple broadcast technology. Maybe big group rides, but only marginal benefits over cell phones that I can see.

    just my reaction...interesting topic, look forward to other opinions.
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    The most appealing application of twitter in this part of life, for me, is the "tweetup" (meet up). It's like sending an email blast to your followers without having to go into your email and specifically list out who is going to get it. You bust out the phone/computer, hammer out "mtbr meetup at so-n-so's grill for a brew, 7:30 tonight" or whatever, and the message is out there to whoever is following you. No risk of times/places getting tweaked along the telephone tree, no interruption of ringing phones and missed calls, it's convenient and quick. Sure, your random followers will see the message and could show if they want, but that's why you specify in the message that it's a lifestyle meetup, not an all-invite house party. I dig it. I twitter.

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