Feb 9th. Why is this date important? It is the beginning of an annual ritual. Usually I keep it within a small email community but this year I thought it would be fun to go mainstream with it. Note it is a subject some in this community choose to ignore because they believe (erroneously I think) that talking about what is available for the first time on Feb 9th this year somehow ‘jinxes’ us all 10 days down the road.

I initiate the ritual with my team every year and have a blast bantering about preparations and I actually enjoy driving myself crazy working through all the possibilities and making extensive preparations to persevere no matter what.

Who will be first to identify what I’m talking about?

Who will be first to malign my character for attempting to start this thread?

Who will volunteer their own mojo and superstitions about the subject at hand for the rest of us to enjoy or even deploy.