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    Dakota 20 GPS

    Anyone have one? Looking to hear the good the bad and the ugly. I was given one as a gift but not sure it's what I want.

    Any beta?

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    Really depends what you use a gps for...
    1. Logging rides, HR, typical cycling computer stuff ->> edge series
    2. AA Batts, Bikepacking, HR, Navigation ->> etrex series

    I think the Dakota does a bit of what the above does...not sure if it has HR but pretty sure you can download a gpx track in it to navigate and it has basemaps.

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    Don't have one but from looking at the specs it looks a lot like the eTrex Vista HCx I used for a while, just newer and full of upgrades like the touchscreen.

    I'm just amused by these combination of specs:

    Waterproof: yes
    Floats: no

    Great, now I know if I dive to the bottom it'll be working.

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    The Dakota to me was put together by the folks at Nerf......it had a bunch of features that none of us care about it.....they Nerf'd it. Out of all the gps units I've had and worked with, it was my least favorite.

    To pick out a gps unit...you gotta get analytical with it...because garmin does not make it easy for you to wade through the various units and unit models. Find out what is important to you, what you can and can not live without....then seek out all models with those boxes checked in the compare specs file.

    If you find more than one unit.....consider yourself lucky....

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    try a search on the gps forum, lotta good legacy threads there.
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    I have the Dakota 10. It's been in some drawer in the house for the past 2 years. Google maps and strava work for what I need. I looked into selling it at BBuy, but they will only give me $1.00 in store credit, shows you how popular they are.

    The one cool thing about it is that you can overlay maps onto the gps using google earth. This way if you are given a hand written trail map, or pull one from the interenet, you can overlay it onto the map on your device. I've used this feature to find trails like Highline, which at the time, were still underground.

    Also if you are into geocaching, it works for that, but then again you can find an app to do that on a phone.

    I'm keeping it just for hiking purposes when trying to find old native american ruins and to put it in my Get the F out of Dodge pack.

    If you have a smart phone, you have a Dakota already.
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    My wife has been using the Dakota 20 for a couple of years now. Works just fine. She likes the touch screen thing - I don't. So I have an etrex 30. The Dakota seems to do everything we need. Don't know about the whole fitness tracking thing - don't do that. One down side is that it can be hard to see the screen in bright sunlight.

    Scott Morris did an in depth review here: Garmin Dakota 20 Review Diary of Scott Morris

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birdss View Post

    If you have a smart phone, you have a Dakota already.

    Kind of my lean too... I may just sell it.

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    I have a eTrex20. It's perfect...
    The eTrex and Dakota models have very similar specs... The big difference between them are on the way to access to the menus.


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