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    Checking Out The New Timís Wash Reroute

    Today I went out to check out the recent work on the Girdner trail. I was hopefull that last Saturdayís volunteer workday was going to start on the Western Gateway Timís Wash Reroute trail. I have been curious about that reroute for quite sometime and today I figured the Plumber Phil rerouting would be easy to find.

    Initially I rode down Girdner until reaching the old abandoned car from the 40ís(?). At that point I rode towards Plumbers Crack. My thought was the new reroute would be located between Plumbers Crack and Girdner. I weaved back and forth to try and locate Philís blue painters tape.

    Not until I reached the user created Easy Rider trail did I find any blue tape. I was beginning to think that new proposed trail hadnít been flagged yet. After finding the tape I slowly rode downhill trying to find the proposed route. The USFS Western Gateway Map indicates the trail is pretty much a straight line to the new proposed Girdner Reroute.

    Well the proposed trail markings take several major turns to reduce the grade of the proposed alignment. At several points I was concerned that the routing was way too steep for us older lessor skilled riders. At one point the routing takes a hard left and drops down into a steep narrow drainage.

    When I got home I thought maybe this new proposed trail maybe a one directional downhill trail. It will be interesting what it rides like once itís constructed.

    At one point the proposed route ends up on the south side of Timís Wash. At certain times the alignment is about 30í from the south side of Timís. For several hundred yards the alignment runs from a fairly easy to build flat area. After the easy to build area the alignment comes to a more side slope fairly brushy area. I would guess the side slope build will be about 1/2 to 3/4 mile long before reaching the existing Girdner trail where Timís Wash intersects.

    Since I had ditched my bike above the steep narrow wash segment I hiked up Timís Wash to where the steep narrow wash drops in. While riding uphill to Easy Rider I noticed two women hiking with their dogs on the Trigger equestrian trail that comes out of Color Cove. Trigger parallels the new proposed alignment for about 50 yards where it intersects Easy Rider. At the intersection you can head right to Girdner or left to Plumbers Crack. As it turned out the two women headed west to Girdner.

    When I found the blue flag intersecting Easy Rider, I thought to myself is Phil going to just keep the new proposed Timís Wash Reroute on the Easy Rider user created very sustainable alignment? It seemed like a logical move to save lots of money, but only time will tell. While riding Easy Rider to Girdner there were numerous spots to head left off ER and construct a new trail.

    As I got close to Girdner on ER I noticed the ER entrance had been slashed. It didnít deter the two female hikers they just hiked over the dead branches. For me I just rode cross country to the badly eroded section of the Girdner trail. At that spot I noticed the fresh work done by the USFS and volunteers. It was kind of cool that the USFS allowed a short drop to be routed in the middle of the badly eroded spot in Girdner. They also FUNNED UP the optional B-line for us lesser skilled uphill and downhill riders. It will be interesting if the partially completed Water diverters above the eroded section works as intended.

    As I continued up to the Cultural Center there was a huge water diverter constructed to keep fast moving Water off the trail during heavy rain periods.

    What a Country!

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    Its a GREAT country dude

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    Make Sedrama Great Again

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    Thats done dude.

    Lets build a WALL.............and keep those Canadians out.
    All they want to do is come down to AZ.; spend their lousy 76 cent 'dollars?' and plug up the mtb trails! Keep em out; they can go to Mexico.

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