Can We Get the "Official" Wed. Somo Shuttle Thread "Fixed-
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    Caution;  Merge;  Workers Ahead! Can We Get the "Official" Wed. Somo Shuttle Thread "Fixed

    Can Someone try to fix the
    "Official" Wed. Somo Shuttle Thread " Fixed
    Zipper aka Rob

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    What is wrong with it?

    If it is not opening for you, or not displaying, it could be because you are not in linear viewing mode. That being said, it always opens for me no matter what view I am in so I am not sure exactly what some folks problem is. Apparently though, once it hits 1000 replies, it does not work for everyone. If you are in linear view, it might work.

    So why not just start a new one? Well LateDropBob has a fetish about threads that are more than 1000 replies long and the bigger the thread, the more the pleasure, so therefore, he won't start a new one. Don't blame him, blame his perversion.
    Getting a dropper post is like getting a bidet. I didn't know I needed one until I get one and boy, does my ass thank me.

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    It will be fixed...

    ...on 01/01/2011... with a new thread.
    "The secret of joy is the mastery of pain." (Anaïs Nin)

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    Quote Originally Posted by titusbro
    ...on 01/01/2011... with a new thread.
    yes it will!!!

    in the mean time turn your thread viewing settings to linear will have no problems!!!

    p.s. that tandem footy came out sick!

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    Kathleen in AZ
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    Yea, a while back I raised a big stink and got the "View in linear... blah blah blah" response which really pissed me off !! If I weren't in recovery mode, I'd still be raising a holy stink As such, I haven't looked at the thread once since it went over 1000 - can't see it on my iMac at home, can't see it on my PC at work I've taken and posted some pretty nice pics of Mr. Latedrop on Wed AM shuttles over the last year+ .... you'd think he'd be a little more considerate

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    Does this link give you "Stubborn Hybrid" viewers a back door?

    Nope sorry once I switch back to hybrid, no love. Linear mode is better anyway

    See all you hybrids in 2011!

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