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    Bike advice from local freeride/transition riders

    I made Transition's grassroots team so I'm selling my Preston FR and getting something new. I'm trying to decide between the Bottle Rocket and the Dirtbag. Here are my specs:
    • I ride at NRA the most, SOMO shuttles after that, random trail riding last
    • I love to jump but don't really do any tricks
    • I like to ride uphill without wanting to kill myself.

    I had a Bottlerocket before and loved it at NRA, but I'm guessing it's not the greatest at SOMO. I'm also 6'3", and the new BRs all have 15" seattubes. On the other hand, I don't think the DB will be as poppy and fun on the jumps. I know there are a bunch of guys on Transition in the valley, so what would you guys say? BR or DB? Any thoughts on the BR performance on SOMO and/or the DB performance at NRA? Thanks...

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    I think I remember you telling me you had trouble on your BR due to your height, and your feet hitting the chainstays. Knowing this I would go with the DB. You could built it light for trail riding. Pretty sure the wieght is close to the BR too.

    ALTHOUGH, my BR feels so nice at NRA and that's where you spend most of your time.
    Hmmm....tough one bro. Meditate on it!

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    I run a large DB, actually its my 2nd one, had a 2005, now a 2007. Pretty much one of my favorite bikes.

    Its likes to jump and is pretty poppy for a big bike. Its also a tank, and pretty much bomb proof. It is pretty much the perfect SoMo bike though, big enough to have fun on all the stuff you want to have fun on, but with a dual ring up front it climbs pretty well except for the weight.

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    DB is really nice at NRA I've had no problem with mine except it doesn't spin. Since you don't do tricks it wont matter. It jumps well and is great for SOMO. I love mine.

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