• 02-19-2013
    Banzi Bootleg Canyon Enduro - Boulder City NV - March 2nd
    This popped up on my FB and I thought it was pretty cool to see an enduro format race so close to us. I know quite a few people that have talked about doing some of them in OR.

    I can't make it and I am thinking this event is likely made for the DH bikes, which I don't have.

    The entire lap is roughly 12 miles, with 3 timed downhill-pedaling stages mixed in. Those stages encompass some of the best trails Bootleg Canyon has to offer!

  • 02-19-2013
    You don't need a downhill bike for this enduro. The course is perfect for a trail bike. The timed sections are alot of fun. It will work your bike skills, and endurance.

    I am signed up, and hope there will be a good showing. I would love to have more of these style of races close by.
  • 02-20-2013
    I'm signed up for Open/Pro. Riding my Pivot 5.7, should be an awesome race!