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    Awesome ride at the PMP 2011-11-13

    Not the longest ride at 6.6 miles, but did get some climbing in (about 1200 feet according to the GPS) and got some chunk too.

    Do you ever have one of those rides where pretty much everything just feels great? This was one of those rides for me. I really had a great time.

    North Phoenix got a lot of rain last night. This translated into trails that were absolutely awesome. The temperature was pleasantly cool and the moist air felt good in the lungs that with COPD and allergens in this dry, dusty climate do not get much relief. Even though I had to hit the inhaler early, something I try to avoid, the rest of the ride was no real problem. There were few other people out on the trails and call me selfish but that's the way I like it.

    James and I headed off toward Porcupine Rim, By the time we hit the saddle below Fatman's we were drenched from the rain that had picked up. We headed up Fatman's then down to Zipper and headed toward the climb up to 220. From there it was down the chunky stuff on 220 to the North then over to M&M. We caught 220 again and headed up and over the ridge back to the Zipper, enjoying some of the technical sections on the way up, then took an alternative route along the bottom of the mountains before catching Zipper back to fenceline and to the lot.

    The trails were ultra-tacky. It really felt like there was velcro on the tires and that you couldn't do any wrong. This made climbing and descending particularly fun. There were only a few spots where traction was an issue but overall everything worked great. The front WTB Prowler MX and rear WTB Dissent, both wire bead DH dual ply case wire bead tires (can we say heavy?) hooked up amazingly well and were very predictable in these conditions on pretty much everything we hit, sand, hard pack, rock, gravel whatever, and all in the wet.

    Ride data here.

    Taken from top of Fatman's

    Top of 220

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    Always a treat after some rain!

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    I finally got my bike fixed and plan on hitting PMP Tuesday. Pics look awesome. I was debating waking up early for a ride this morning but couldn't drag myself out of bed :-(

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    It was great riding with you again Barry!

    Man, taking three months off and then jumping right back into it was harder then I thought it would be. The climbing was killing the lungs and my legs were rubber. It was great to get back out there though. Can't wait until the next trip!

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    Sad I wasn't there but glad you guys had a good time. Those "everything is just right" rides seem to be few and far between so it's nice to have them...

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    Nice, can't wait to get back out this week.
    Bender to AZDog: I'm not the best person to give advice on not riding!

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    I should have got out this morning

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    this morning was my first ride in 'moist' conditions.. i was really impressed.
    a rain like last nite would have made for a slickslipperyshitfest in the midwest...

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    Beautiful day for a ride. The trails were fairly dry by 2pm.

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