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    Does anyone have experience with sizing on these guys (or similar products) or know of any shops in town who carry them:

    Troy Lee DesignsŪ*|*Elbow/Forearm Guard EG 5550
    Troy Lee DesignsŪ*|*Knee Guard KG 5400

    I'm a larger guy, big boned and otherwise, so I assume nothing shy of XL will do, but I don't have any idea on how the sizing really fits.

    I'm almost entirely an XC rider, and figured that this protection was more than I needed, but I took my first decent spill while riding PMP last night. I have a couple gashes in my knee, and a few scapes/etc. elsewhere, so I'll be using this protection going forward.

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    For knee protection, keep 661 Kyle Straits as an option. They work great and protect well.

    For sizing, check out TLD's website. Click on the size chart tab.
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    Having tried a few, I second Steve's Kyle Strait suggestion. I would expect an XL in the Kyle Straits if you're a bigger guy, but you can try them on first hand right here in town. Rage has them, maybe Cactus too. These pads pedal comfortably and offer very good protection in a design that seems to keep the protection in the right position.

    Those Troy Lee elbow/forearms look decent though.

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    Great, thanks for the tips!

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    I'm a big Kali fan over the Kyle Straits...very similar pad but the Kali's have lasted me 5 times longer than a set of straits...Cactus has them in stock. I'm a 200+ dude and rock the Larges. The stretch just a bit to make them secure...

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    I didn't get the knee guards because it's hard to beat a pair of Kyle Straits for knee protection. I suspect those TLDs are pretty good, though. However, I do have the TLD elbow/forearm guards. I got them simply because 661 didn't make a Kyle Strait elbow/forearm guard

    The TLD elbows are good pads. I wear them on every ride along with the Straits and my Veggie shin guards. Like any guard, when you get sweaty they will slip a little. This is my first summer wearing guards and the heat has been brutal. Towards the end of my rides they start sliding. It's not great but it's not too bad either.

    I'd recommend the elbow/forearm guards at least

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    Thanks, Bob and Mike! I'll check out the Kalis and Straits. And thanks for the tip that Rage and possibly Cactus carry them.

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