Anyone riding an RFX- Tucson area?-
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    Anyone riding an RFX- Tucson area?

    Just got a nice new (used) Turner RFX having never ridden one. I'm hoping I didn't just purchase too much bicycle for the terrain. FYI- I'm kinda new to AZ (one month) so I haven't gotten the chance to really explore, but I know the singlespeed just isn't cutting it for everything.

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    Bring it out on the Wednesday night ride this week and we can put it through the ringer. Or just sale it and ride everything on the rigid SS thats what I have been considering.

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    The thing about "too much bike" boils down to one thing really. It is simply a matter of how strong you are.

    For some people, the heaviest bike they can ride for hours on end is a 25lb hardtail. For others it's a 45lb freeride bike. For some it's in between.

    You can never say that bike A or B is "too much" bike, it just comes down to how strong the person is. Things like suspension efficiency don't really enter into this much. If a slight amount of efficiency or having "lockout" on vs off makes some sort of difference then you're riding such a fine line where you'll get dusted by riders slighly stronger than you.

    So, the RFX is a fine bike for tuscon. There's plenty of terrain around that's fun to ride on it. On the other hand, there are also some trail systems comprised of "buff singletrack" that are somewhat boring to ride on a bike like the RFX, not to mention that the RFX's prowess is clawing up technical climbs and flying down technical downhills. It's not the best for smooth flat singletrack. I haven't ridden in Tucson proper, but I know they thave many kinds of terrain.

    I have an RFX, it's my "do pretty much everything" bike. Currently it's awaiting some drivetrain parts, so it's out of service for a while. In the meantime I ride my Highline and my Surley. I take the Highline on big rides that I also ride on the RFX. Many thousand feet of vertical, and so on. You could also do these rides on something like a 5-spot and not give up much in terms of the downhill ability, because these downhills are not quite that crazy. Even still, I like riding the RFX and Highline and I'm strong enough to do so.

    If you ride a lot with other riders, you could run into problems if they are much faster than you, then you'll be struggling all the time and blame the bike, and in truth you might be riding a bike that is "overkill", but on the other hand the RFX is the perfect bike for places like Globe (North of Tuscon) where you descend around 4000' with a few interspersed climbs. The RFX *can* do pretty much everything, but it's not going to be the best at much. The rest of it is up to you.
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    Shuttle up to San Pedro or higher on Mt. Lemmon. Hit Greenie, Bugs, Millie, etc on the way down. You'll be glad you have that RFX, and there is no way you will feel you have "too much bike"

    Keep the single speed for the lowland and non-technical trails.

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    I live in Tucson, and the RFX will be just fine, when combined with your SS. Good places to ride it would be Starr Pass, TMP, Brown Mountain, any trail on Mt. Lemmon, Upper 50 Year, and probably areas I'm forgetting at the moment. Plus, South Mountain is only a couple hours away.
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