Another fine mess you've gotten me into Stanley!-
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    Another fine mess you've gotten me into Stanley!

    T100 last night my Scwalbe Blackjack rear finally let go. Up until then I was a believer in the Stan's tubeless invincibility. As it turned out the 1/8" rip in my sidewall and the dry AZ heat conspired to give me a horrendous bruised thumb.

    As I came down the zipper from the junction of the 220 and T100, I dropped fairly heavily on the rear tire and heard the ominous hiss of air being let go. I quickly hopped off my bike and attempted to spread some of the Stan's spooge around the sidewall that was hissing. Unfortunately, in my haste I spun the tire in the wrong direction and jammed my thumb between the rear chainstay and the crank - the air was blue with my foulest obscenities. Not content to punish me w/an agonizing thumb - the b**tard goop had gone - I spent the next 15 minutes wrestling w/a tube and the spoogey rim-strip.

    Anyway - I'm not sure who the pack of MTBR'ers that passed me were - I recognised one of you from the Hawes Pass ride over the Spring Fling w/e - but thanks for the offers of help.

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    Recommend ?

    So Ollie, would you recommend Scwalbes and buy them in the future?
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    Last weekend at Globe I was running "Yes Tubes" tube hop-up kit, and the new "Yes Tubes" rimstrips. There were flats on every run I took...but I got none. I even gave out a few "Yes Tubes" tube hop-up kits.
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