So, Tracey and I were up in CO last month and we made it up to Steamboat Springs for the first time. After Odile STFU, we got to ride some sweet ST up there! This baby was barely a month old and was already giggling.

Morning Gloria, the 4.25-mile uninterrupted single track, multi-use trail, was opened to the public in August of 2014. On the front side of Howelsen, it goes through scrub oak, pine trees, and aspens with ferns in it. The trail explores plenty of new terrain but starts off from and joins up with the existing network on Howelsen Hill and Emerald Mountain. It breaks off from Lupine, above Larry’s, then comes out at Quarry Mountain and Root Canal. If you haven’t had a chance to ride this area, put it on your bucket list!

Here's a link:

Morning Gloria - Steamboat Springs, CO