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  1. Time machine from 2006, thinking about a new bike
  2. Long Travel vs Short Travel for Heavy Riders
  3. commencal/
  4. SPAM - Awesome Clydesdale bike for sale
  5. 2019 - FatBoy Challenge 35,000 miles - 2019
  6. New guy from Louisiana
  7. Timberjack for a Clyde.
  8. Any big guys riding Giant or Santa Cruz?
  9. New fork help
  10. Climb techniques for clydes
  11. First race.
  12. Tire Pressure - BIG DUDE
  13. Stem geometry for tall guys
  14. Fat bikes for big guys?
  15. Help me spec an ULTIMATE wheelset!
  16. Pedal Spacers
  17. Fat Persons Seat - Any recommendations?
  18. New To the Site
  19. 90-100mm fat bike rims
  20. Bike for tall family member
  21. Stumpy test ride. Felt weird
  22. Sturdier Rear Wheel Option for 2018 Stache 7
  23. Happened in 2018 and Proud!!!
  24. Air springs and clydes, Do they mix?
  25. Last Glen XXL
  26. Steerer tube material vs weight
  27. Finally found a semi-wide saddle with no springs or rubber coils.
  28. Weight now under 260
  29. Last $ to spend on my bike upgrade
  30. Clyde Trail Pistol Build - Suggestions?
  31. Any Tall s ride 27.5+
  32. FS: Clyde on a Tallboy Parts
  33. FS: Bad A$$ Chris King Clyde Wheelset
  34. BSA30 bottom bracket, Steel Cups?
  35. Best Flat Pedals for Large Feet, Heavy Rider?
  36. Rear Hub for heavyweight
  37. Attention!!!! Flat pedal shoes for big feet! Size 14 and up!
  38. Fat tire bike for big guy
  39. do y'all think these pedals will hold up with my 265lbs size?
  40. Hella funny. Evolution of a mountain biker
  41. Ti Springs for us big fella's
  42. Going Carbon is worth it for big guys .
  43. need help finding a saddle that is appropriate for my larger size
  44. China 27.5+ HT frame for tall guys?
  45. Breaking Chain Stays
  46. High stack height FS 27.5+ bikes for tall riders?
  47. Too fat for my S-works?
  48. This Clyde Stuff Is For The Birds
  49. Back Protector for Tall Riders
  50. Shorts with Chamois
  51. Gonna start shoppig soon, what to look at?
  52. guess I should have asked in here.. knee pain while climbing (right only)
  53. New to biking after many years.
  54. New Guy in town
  55. Size 15 Flat shoes?
  56. Clyde Pedals??
  57. MTB rode riding wheelset?
  58. will these Answer 810 3" riser bars be too much on my anthem 29er
  59. Thoughts on this Fezzari??
  60. New Rims - found i've cracked the rear rim.... looking at something wider/stgronger!
  61. Clyde looking for his first Full Suspension.
  62. Anyone breaking carbon bars or seat posts?
  63. Took the plunge, bought my first bike
  64. Trek Full Stache Vs Fuel EX
  65. Any DVO Topaz riders in the 250lbs-300lbs? Feedback?
  66. Recommended 27.5+ Hardtails
  67. Fat Dude first ride
  68. What do you wear over bibs
  69. Mason 2 vs Beast of the East 2? - First bike
  70. Velocity wheels vs others for clydes
  71. First Bike Advice
  72. Can someone explain this please? I'm an idiot.
  73. Changing robe or poncho?
  74. Forks
  75. Strong, inexpensive bars and stems
  76. Ride everyday or take a day off?
  77. New bike advice requested
  78. Big Rider Fork-?
  79. 65 340# with a fat bike
  80. Pole Evolink 150: Build/Ride Log
  81. Your size vs Bike weight
  82. Don't Skimp on Bars
  83. Thudbusters failing ... Titanium vs Carbon
  84. Commuter Tire Advice
  85. 2019 Trek Roscoe 8 or Kona Big Honzo?
  86. Pike Debonair vs Older Pike
  87. Bike changes...
  88. Light/mid weight XC tires
  89. anyone got cycling short recommendations for a size 42-44?
  90. Looking for a bike 300lb *
  91. Tall in New York area: come test ride the DirtySixer at TCI event
  92. Trek Availability on 23 Fuel EX8
  93. Grips grips grips
  94. Charge Cooker 0 BB
  95. Best bike a Clyde can buy at REI?
  96. An Engineers Take - SJ ST / Fuel EX / Tallboy
  97. Trail Pistol?
  98. Stumpjumper ST for a clyde? Nope.
  99. Real Clydesdale Ala Fat guy with a bike...
  100. Any clydes on a DVO Topaz? Looking for baseline setting recommendations
  101. trail fork stiffness
  102. Rear Shock Issues
  103. Fox X2 shock, max 250psi, clydesdale friendly?
  104. Pole Taival ...I found my new hardtail
  105. Santa cruz chameleon 29 or + bike?
  106. More MTB's than road bikes?
  107. Clyde approved dropper?
  108. Best seat for big guys?
  109. Full Face DH Helmets for Big Noggins
  110. Screw gear upgrades, lose some weight you fat ****s.
  111. Eagle and longevity
  112. Torn between two Treks. Any help would be appreciated.
  113. Avalanche Tuned Suspension-Yes Please
  114. First few weeks of riding Slow Go but still going for it
  115. Flip your handlebars for more extension.
  116. Need help choosing a bike
  117. Cannondale CX4 Jumbo vs Specialized Crosstrail XL
  118. Turnkey used bike for a Clydesdale: 2018 Hightower LT with some choice mods
  119. Getting back riding
  120. Specialized drops XXL on the Stumpjumper
  121. Looking for my first mtb
  122. Norco Manik
  123. big mtb shoes
  124. Transition Vanquish XL vs Santa Cruz Highball XXL
  125. Hitch Racks for big & long bikes
  126. Who still makes rotors bigger then 203mm?
  127. Which "Value" seatpost suspension for mid 300lb club
  128. Keg leg (bigger) knee pads
  129. Flat bar Vs Riser bar...difference in handling if at same height??
  130. Fork Upgrade
  131. Help me decide
  132. first bike. which way to go
  133. Best brakes for Big Hoss
  134. SC Chameleon / X Caliber 9 / Fat Bikes ? Big ol' boy needs some advice
  135. Heavy Weight Riders Full Suspension Shocks
  136. Anyone else wish Vassago made XL's?
  137. Strong comfy saddle for Clyde
  138. Cushcore inserts for big guys
  139. 6'2'' 290 - Specialized vs Kona vs Santa Cruz vs Pivot or Yeti
  140. Bike for a fat guy
  141. Long Travel 29er for a tall guy - deja vu...
  142. Any Clydes on a Specialized Fuse?
  143. This bike..................
  144. Road wheelset for heavy clyde
  145. MTB clothing for us with a belly.
  146. Clydesdales: how many miles do you get out of a set of pedals?
  147. Tomac diplomat weight rating
  148. Trek X-Caliber 7 for Clyde getting into MTB?
  149. BBW cruiser bike...........
  150. 28 spoke 29" Wheel for Clyde?
  151. Fox x2 tuning for big boy
  152. PSA- Pike 14-17 heavy rebound tune
  153. Rear Shock suggestion?
  154. Best Grip for Large Hands-Large Diameter (ODI Rogue alternative)
  155. 2018 Giant Trance 3 suspension set up for big guy.
  156. TallBoy 29er or HighTower LT?
  157. Looking to get back in to racing XC are carbon FS bikes fragile?
  158. A little help getting back in the saddle (sort of literally)
  159. 2018 Kona Process 153...Bars too Low for Tall Rider
  160. Mavic Crossmax XL Shoe
  161. The ever shrinking seat tube!!
  162. Going from air to coil, need opinions.
  163. 72 Tall guy - Hit me with some Knowledge fellas...
  164. Recommendation Please: Plus bike for 6'7" 365 lb
  165. FatBoy Challenge 2018 35,000
  166. What issues are caused by having a bike that's too small?
  167. Need help choosing a new full suspension mountain bike
  168. Anyone running the Fox Float X2 above 250 psi ?
  169. Comparing new and old measurements
  170. Mountain biking for weight loss question.
  171. Anyone on a Fox Float DPS Evol?
  172. Winter cycling pants
  173. Jerseys for Clyde's
  174. Hightower LT for tall guys? How is it?
  175. Back On The Trails - Advice Help
  176. New year now and later
  177. Tall Krampus Riders?
  178. New bike time - FS? Fat? Plus?
  179. How are you guys setting up your Pikes?
  180. Stack and Sizing Chart Recommendations
  181. Cycling Jacket
  182. 120 TPI Tires: OK For Heavy Riders? Bad Handling?
  183. BLUTO FORK: Mistake For 300 lb Rider?
  184. Indoor MTB
  185. Will a carbon xc bike handle my fatt butt
  186. XXXL helmet?
  187. Big Guy on a Bike...
  188. Opinions on Ragley Bigwig for Clyde?
  189. Place that sells arm warmers that actually fit clydes?
  190. Weight Weenie Race Day Wheelset
  191. Long Travel 29er for Tall Guy
  192. Upgraded brakes
  193. Rider size a factor in fork selection?
  194. Oneup composite flat pedals
  195. Noob needs advice starting out.
  196. Best Clyde friendly bike for 1k?
  197. Dropper travel length for tall rider??
  198. Clipless Shoes for Wide Feet?
  199. Anyone ride a KHS BNT?
  200. Large overshoes
  201. XC frame for a large rider. 294lbs rider
  202. Wide shoes for flats?
  203. Seeking advice from the tall guys
  204. Santa Cruz Hightower XXL: Handlebar height question
  205. Big lady, bikjoring, and can you help me buy a bike?
  206. TALL guys on FAT bikes?
  207. Clyde Friendly Shorts?
  208. What are your 3 most important frame dimensions??
  209. How do I make my Fox suspension hold me??
  210. Flat pedal MTB shoes for large feet
  211. Clydes on a Fuel EX
  212. Anyone run a GF HIFI 29er!
  213. What about Spokes?
  214. Clydesdale Legs
  215. Pay it forward: Clydesdale clothing exchange.
  216. Talk to me about Rear rims...250lb rough rider on fuel ex8...Hard to find bombproof r
  217. handling/geometry relative to frame size
  218. Found a new ride.
  219. Recomendations for Clyde 1x Crank set
  220. Higher Ride Height Without Sacrificing Small Bump Compliance
  221. Clydesdales & their Yari's/Lyrik's
  222. Looking for a new bike, and I have no idea where to begin.
  223. large 20" Surly Pugsley big enough for a 6'5" clyde?
  224. Are through axles a necessity for heavy clydes?
  225. All Year Riding
  226. PF92 bb that will last!
  227. Just cuz your a clyde, don't mean you can't ride!
  228. Waist Hydro Packs
  229. Thoughts on this for a newbie Clyde?
  230. 27.5" wheels on a frame made for 26" ?
  231. Riding shirts
  232. Looking to get back to to cycling after many many years, and many many cans of pop an
  233. Scott Spark Large 700 series?
  234. Brand new bike - BB creak
  235. Recommendations to stiffen up my front end.
  236. Rear shock for 350lb rider
  237. DT Swiss EX 511 32H vs XM481 32H for Front?
  238. Back to riding after 20 year hiatus
  239. How fast do you wear out your drive?
  240. Tallest Riser Bars
  241. good pedals and crank for a clydesdale
  242. In this thread we list the manufacturers of XXL mountain bicycles.
  243. RockShox Monarch RT3 DebonAir vs. Monarch Plus RC3 DebonAir
  244. 6'7" 38" inseam road / endurance bike
  245. 330lber, have a mtb, need more info for another bike
  246. Back in it after a 10 year break.
  247. Clyde/Rockcrusher handlebar grip HEAVEN !!!
  248. Type 2 Diabetes Nutrition / Calories While Riding
  249. Fat Bike for 6ft 5inch
  250. 2010 specialized cross country bike