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  1. Looking for the impossible, need help!
  2. Looking for old thread: "You know you are a mtb chick when...."
  3. “Last” Bike Suggestions - Intermediate Old Lady
  4. Trek Fuel EX 8 vs Juliana Furtado or Joplin
  5. Who Knew?? How To Take On Cycling Shorts, Summer's Trickiest Trend
  6. I Need a New Seat
  7. Kaylee Gibb
  8. 27.5+ vs. full Squish for beginner?
  9. Saddle Pain
  10. Divided
  11. Women Shred event in NW Arkansas
  12. The Outer Line: The all-time greatest female cyclists
  13. NY Times: Building Grit in Girls Through Mountain Biking
  14. US Olympic cyclist found dead
  15. Ebikes for tiny women?
  16. How to Get More Women Cycling in Cities
  17. TBI A Serious Injury with Serious Ramifications
  18. A cycling race in Belgium was delayed because a woman almost caught the male riders
  19. She Was The Baddest Woman I Ever Met
  20. Amazing comeback from crash
  21. Which Bike Should I Get?
  22. Enduro bike for 5'1" strong 50 y.o.
  23. 15 Rad, Influential, and Super-Fast Cyclists You Need to Follow Today
  24. Any good coaches or camps in NorCal for a beginner woman
  25. Do you know what bike locks are for?
  26. what is comparable to the new Specialized womens MIMIC saddle?
  27. 29+ for lighter rider
  28. Liv Bikes - opinions wanted please
  29. Heart Warming Story - Article
  30. What if No One You Know Shows Up?
  31. Help with Platform Pedals for my Pre-teen Daughter
  32. Specialized ditches women’s specific bikes
  33. Female trail / enduro bike setup (X-post)
  34. Rachel Atherton Interview and race vid
  35. Mountain Biking's Bumpy Road to Gender Equality
  36. Woman’s bikes and rider weight?
  37. Casey Brown, rewriting the rules
  38. News Clip with Bike Shop Girl - it will be women only at next Colorado Classic
  39. Chest protection after a double mastectomy
  40. Kym Perfetto: From Bike Messenger To Cyclist, Fitness Social Influencer
  41. Specialized Mimic saddles
  42. Mara Abbott Proved Even the Best Roadies Can Make the Worst Mountain Bikers
  43. Anybody tried a CamelBak Chase?
  44. Pedaling in Pakistan
  45. The Scottish cyclist reveals the highs and lows of her epic trip around the world
  46. Hard work pays off. #happinessisfast
  47. Looking for an XS
  48. Missy Giove vid/interview
  49. Sturdy *itch Racing and the Sturdy Dirty Enduro
  50. Off a bike for 20 years..........
  51. Jenny Kallista - Bike Mechanic and Trainer
  52. Fatbikes in the Women's Loinge, Watcha Got and Where Do You Ride It?
  53. "I enjoy suffering and I enjoy seeing others suffer"
  54. Rebecca's Private Idaho - I love the Queen of Pain!
  55. New Record on Crested Butte Trails
  56. Rachel McKinnon wins UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championship
  57. FS Liv Intrigue, 2015 Advanced 1, size small
  58. Female Cyclist Cycles Around The World In Under 125 Days, Shattering Record
  59. What's an awesome carbon ladies bike?
  60. Advice on a "more comfortable" ride
  61. Little Bellas...........
  62. The New World Champion
  63. Woman Rides Bicycle To 183.9 MPH — A New World Record
  64. Long Capris for fall/winter riding?
  65. Bigger calf
  66. New Bike Day! :-)
  67. Looser cut baggy shorts
  68. Where are the American women? (DH WC)
  69. Anyone here where compression tops or bottoms?
  70. Help me choose a hardtail?
  71. Not your typical shoulder separation question
  72. Runner Staci Nash Wins MTB Nationals
  73. New bike time
  74. No female African American Pro Cyclists
  75. Who's got a gravel bike? Watcha got?
  76. Jamis Helix Experience?
  77. Radio piece highlights women of Kingdom Trails
  78. Should I be offended?
  79. Hey, where did the "men, you are a guest" in the WL sticky go?
  80. Aiming for 167 mph
  81. Alison Tetrick..........
  82. The effects of Testosterone on athletic performance, from my personal experience...
  83. A vote for canonization: patron saint of women's cycling
  84. Bike choices...
  85. Bicycles are a tool for women’s empowerment in afghanistan
  86. What it’s like to be a trans athlete
  87. One Woman’s Story on Becoming a RAD Adaptive Athlete
  88. Podium Girls
  89. Why Isn't There A Women's Tour De France?
  90. Another Bike Suggestion Post
  91. underwear
  92. Girls on Bikes
  93. Longer shorts!
  94. Husband takes a digger
  95. Soft grips for small hands?
  96. A race against suicide: Why this former Olympian is opening up
  97. Advice For Lady Cyclists
  98. Molly Weaver - after the crash
  99. Looking for women who have tried the Canyon Spectral WMN 2018!
  100. What being a female cyclist is really like
  101. Vos is the Boss
  102. Backflip by Kaylee Gibb
  103. Trail Bike for my Mom!
  104. Lael Wilcox is Amazing
  105. Pro Woman has Marijuana Sponsor
  106. Trans Rider Faces Outcry
  107. Raising Rippers - Getting More Girls on Bikes!
  108. Your help would be greatly appreciated picking out my wife's first mountain bicycle.
  109. New Bike: Scott Contessa Spark 900RC. Smitten.
  110. Need a Small Steel or Light Aluminum 27.5+ Frame
  111. Babob
  112. Help me pick between these hardtails please??
  113. Entry level HT for 5'0" g/f
  114. Crash and Concussion for Phenom in Tour of California
  115. The Cyclist Who Won When She Stopped Racing
  116. Sick of the forum sexism
  117. "Confidence isn’t a gift, it’s earned"
  118. Happy Mother’s Day
  119. Hardtail frame in X-SMALL?
  120. Bike liner with Chamois and Tights?
  121. Joplin or Fuel EX 8 Women's?
  122. Why Men Quit and Women Don't
  123. May 5 is Imternation Women's MTB Day - what will you be doing?
  124. Kaitlyn Boyle smashed the women's record for the AZT300
  125. 2018 Cannondale Scarlet 27.5+
  126. Trail Angels - Courageous Women of Dirt 2018
  127. Liv Ad
  128. Recommended Bike for 5 Foot Beginner Rider
  129. Troy Lee body armour sizing?
  130. Anyone here break a bike or fork?
  131. Lael Wilcox - 20,000+ Miles/Year
  132. Women's saddle suggestions?
  133. Riding Glasses?
  134. ISO shorter women's saddle
  135. Looking for bike purchase advice
  136. 6 Tips
  137. Foot position
  138. Entry level hardtail for fiance'...suggestions needed!
  139. Work Ethic, Etc
  140. Looking for Help with Pads for my 10yr Daughter / Youth
  141. Pivot Mach 5.5
  142. Old Navy girls on bikes ad
  143. Never Assume
  144. For those riding shorter than standard (170mm) cranks..
  145. Ok ladies, how wide are your handlebars?
  146. Moksha, Nepali Women MTB'rs streaming March 8th
  147. More on short cranks
  148. Bravery
  149. Where the Wild Things Play!
  150. Ladies: Your favorite hydration packs for 2018
  151. An od bike you would love to have
  152. Maybe 165mm crank, short girl's first weekend on bigger wheels
  153. Bikecommuting -consider it!
  154. For Fuel EX8 owners...
  155. Bike fit
  156. High Miles and Heartbreak
  157. A couple articles - women and bikes
  158. Three things could derail you on this ride, and two involve your a**
  159. NZ mountain bike star in induced coma
  160. Any short women with buyer's remorse for "wrong" wheelsize?
  161. MTB Clinics this winter/spring in Auburn, CA. - Women instructors!
  162. Sweetlines
  163. Wearing a HRM?
  164. A few questions on women in mountain biking
  165. Elbow guards
  166. Flying with Joey Gough!
  167. http://reviews.mtbr.com/douchebags-30l-hugger-backpack-review WTF
  168. Any women around 5’4” with a Trek Stache?
  169. Cold Weather Gloves And Windstopper Underlayer...Suggestions.
  170. Encouraging: EMBA classes 56% women in 2017
  171. Narrower saddles?
  172. Who has the best woman specific geometry?
  173. Video of Roam Bike Fest (Women's MTB Festival)
  174. Elevate others while you rise
  175. Research for women's mtb gear line
  176. Long pants/leggings for cooler weather
  177. BMX racing
  178. Need some help on suggestions for cardio
  179. Witches Ride!
  180. Grip questions
  181. Student-Engineers Seeking Feedback for a Design
  182. Howdy all
  183. World Champs (may contain spoilers)
  184. REI teams with Barnett's Bicycle Institute to offer women's-only class
  185. Favourite cycling backpacks?
  186. Main page for all clinics around the U.S.A. by State?
  187. Paid spam: Specialized Ruze Pro
  188. Norco launches new women's line
  189. Short cranks = the real deal!
  190. Female Mechanic
  191. What grips are you using?
  192. YouTube Channels for Women MTB?
  193. Ferda Girls - Best Video Ever
  194. Rider threatened with knife after moving log blocking trail
  195. “Riding my bike has saved my life many times over”
  196. 1st Ever Women's BMX USA Event
  197. Any women on here ride the Cannondale Bad Habit?
  198. Woman Steals Back Her Own Bike
  199. “I’ll always ride a bike, because it makes me feel like I’m a better person”
  200. Meet the First 3 Women to Qualify as Level 3 Guide
  201. New Steed
  202. SPAM: Selling my Pivot Mach 5.7c, converted to 27.5"
  203. Any experience with the Spec Rumor, Liv Embolden 1, or Ghost Lanoa FS?
  204. 29er or 27.5/27.5+ for 5.4" rider
  205. 2016 Specialized RHYME shock tune code
  206. Smaller people on wider tires
  207. Interview with Rebecca Rusch, the Queen of Pain
  208. Getting Back on the Saddle...After Baby
  209. Trek Lush SL 2016 Experience
  210. XS enduro capable bikes. Need help!
  211. Shoes for flats
  212. saddle recommendations
  213. Tire Combo
  214. Cross Post: Dream Job Alert: Pivot Cycles is Hiring for Multiple Positions
  215. Hardtail suggestions in X-Small size
  216. My baby's new ride
  217. Hey mods! can you do something about the spam?
  218. Canyon WMN bikes
  219. Looking for aggressive hardtails or short travel trail bikes to test ride this summer
  220. Laptop backpack for petite lady
  221. 5ft tall women, how wide are your handlebars?
  222. Suggestions on bikes to search out for demos
  223. Ready to Upgrade... Need some suggestions
  224. Knee Pad Recommendations
  225. Red Bull Bikes Women's Bikes for 2017
  226. The Ovas
  227. At the outer edges of endurance sports, women are beating men
  228. Wife's bike...Juliana Furtado?
  229. Newbie Question: Women base layer for riding
  230. Juliana Furtado
  231. Courageous Women of Dirt - 2017
  233. Bike sizing the current generation
  234. Women's MTB Clinic- Nevada City
  235. Does anyone ride a Scott Scale 900 HT or Specialized Epic HT? (both are 29er)
  236. Female Issue
  237. International Woman's Day
  238. Over 40 Brigade
  239. My wife wants a 29er full suspension
  240. Advice on a budget-friendly full suspension that won't be a horrible climber?
  241. Frame for my wife
  242. Fresh new colors from Juliana
  243. Diamondback Line for my wife?
  244. “Have you ever seen anything more off-putting, uglier, meaner than a wench on a bike?
  245. Ruze vs Rhyme
  246. Bible of Bike Tests - Women's up now.
  247. Man Specific Bikes?
  248. Jeny and The Race.
  249. Liv sizing?
  250. 2017 Ladies ALLRIDE Skill Camp Dates Announced