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  1. Titanium bolts
  2. FS: 2019 MRP Hazzard coil rear shock 230x60
  3. Revved Megatrail Build Thread
  4. Building my husband's Shred Dogg
  5. GG MegaSmash ?
  6. Suspension curves for GG bikes?
  7. Megatrail and the Shout
  8. Considering shred dogg or megatrail
  9. Revved Damage Reports
  10. Sedona MTB Festival March 6-8 2020
  11. FS: Revved Shred Dogg Seat Stay and DPX2
  12. Any interest in some 2018 MT stays?
  13. Thinking about a SMASH.......
  14. Anyone with a Revved Megatrail with a Topaz?
  15. Looking for someone with a Size 3 in Bellingham or Seattle area
  16. MegaTrail: Short Stroking, Trail vs Gavity, finding the right feel...
  17. Dishing the chainring
  18. Smash / Trail Pistol
  19. Pedalhead rear brake harmonics/noise.
  20. To Trust or not to Trust on my Pistola
  21. Spreading the GG love
  22. Congratulations GG!
  23. Shred to Mega seat stay change to increase BB height & improve small bump compliance?
  24. FS: Avalanche Tuned RS Super Deluxe Coil for Smash
  25. We have GG frames in the UK! Woop!
  26. FS: 210 x 55 Bomber CR Coil Shock, custom tuned, two springs
  27. GG 2020 Bike Rumours, Lies and Speculation!
  28. Revved Pistola tire clearance?
  29. Guerrilla Gravity long travel 29er
  30. Bearing removal/install tips?
  31. Questions on Building a Smash
  32. Revved Rear Post Size
  33. Frame protection on revved frames
  34. Tools for removing/installing bearings
  35. Wanted: Revved Mega Trail stays, for sale or trade
  36. Does GG have a list of geometry for various configurations with different wheels sets
  37. These are the salad days for the AL frames
  38. Revved frame crankset compatibility
  39. Jimmy rocks
  40. RWC bearings
  41. Smashing Five Miles of Hell
  42. Confirmed Revved Modular Frame Info
  43. FS Guerrilla Gravity Smash Frame in Medium
  44. Headset creak
  45. Revved Shred Dogg Shifting issues (12 speed)
  46. FS - Revved Trail Pistol seat stay tuning kit + shock
  47. Revved Frame Stand Over Heights.
  48. FS: 2017 Trail Pistol
  49. Lead time
  50. Revved Shred Dogg / AL Shred Dogg
  51. Revved Shred Dogg Leverage Ratio
  52. Creaky aluminum bike in action.. this thing is driving me crazy.
  53. WTB GG/DH frame or second gen rear triangle
  54. Anybody try the Trail Dogg yet? (Shred dogg Mullet bike)
  55. Smash - How 'big' does it ride?
  56. Revved Trail Pistol(a) Review - First 50 Miles & Comparison to 2018 Shred Dogg
  57. FS: Fox DPX2 for Revved Shred Dog
  58. FS: 2018 Pike 29 140mm, 42mm offset, MRP Ramp. Great fork for Trail Pistol(a)
  59. Revved SIZE 4
  60. GG Revved Shred Mullet, back by popular demand!
  61. SMASH build weight?
  62. Can I get away with this?
  63. Revved Smash vs ???
  64. Smash Coil shock options
  65. Reverse mullet bike hype train - Shred Dogg (2018)
  66. Braking Issues?
  67. Anyone utilizing the revved modular frame?
  68. Smash For Enduro Race Duty?
  69. Help with Bikepacking on a Trail Pistol
  70. Anyone else running two water bottles inside their Revved frame?
  71. WTB or WTT - Defiant Pack Large Bag
  72. Eagle chain drop on back-pedal - 2019 Smash - Anyone else?
  73. FS: Chris King headset (49mm), fits AL GG bikes
  74. GG Bikes with Pike Ultimate - colors?
  75. WTB: Defiant Bag
  76. Build weights?
  77. Coil Springs: SLS, Ti, Steel, Progressive, which one and why?
  78. Trail Pistola tire clearance for Revved carbon frame?
  79. Which GG model and which shock and fork?
  80. WTB: Coil Shock 210x 55
  81. Revved Sizing - Everyone Happy So Far?
  82. Seat Tube on Trail Pistol Very Tight, Solution?
  83. GG Shred Dogg 2019
  84. Harshness on Trail Pistol?
  85. Your GG and Doggos?!
  86. Revved Tooling
  87. GG I want an EBike
  88. Climbing efficiency of Trail Pistol?
  89. Smash Plus
  90. WTB Smash Seat Stays
  91. Smashing my garage
  92. Revved Ride Reports...
  93. Revved Frame Tire Clearance
  94. Carbon Smash vs. Aluminum Smash
  95. MegaSmash-anyone trying it?
  96. Revved Frame Shock Options - DPX2 Preferred?
  97. Guerrilla Gravity Factory Smash & Grab
  98. Push 11-6 vs MRP Hazzard
  99. To GG or not to GG, and if so which one, size, components???
  100. Eagle cassettes/frame clearance
  101. Revved build Shred Dogg/Megatrail.. what to do..
  102. GG Freedom Linkage
  103. GG in the 'Ham
  104. Where did I read about moving parts from GG alum to their carbon frames?
  105. Rear shock hardware trail pistol aluminum
  106. 2018 Shred Dogg-Fox Shock: Rear Mount Issue
  107. Revved platform compromise?
  108. SD/MT raw aluminum seat stays wanted.
  109. What parts change: Carbon SD to Carbon TP?
  110. Delivery schedule, anyone got their frame yet?
  111. CO: Frame Trade?
  112. Just how strong is the GG Carbon front tri??
  113. Rim Maker 3000
  114. Model advice needed, can't make up my mind.
  115. Frame protection for alloy Megatrail
  116. Trail Pistol - what is the BB drop?
  117. Shred dogg - Seatstays, shock, wheel sizes
  118. Carbon Pistola?
  119. Shred Dogg 2018 vs 2019?
  120. ISO Shred Dogg seatstays & air shock
  121. mega SMEEEASH 2019
  122. Geo-Adjust Headset Questions
  123. Confusion on the 3mm wheel offset???
  124. C vs. Al
  125. Cane Creek DB cs coil on Smash
  126. Guerilla Gravity made in USA carbon
  127. GG Smash Carbon 2019
  128. Streaming tonight - New Bike Launch
  129. The 2019 GG Wild Speculation Thread
  130. Getting a touch more seatpost insertion on a Pedalhead with the least fuss
  131. Shred Dogg / Trail Pistol Questions and Sizing?
  132. Megatrail rear axle replacement
  133. Anyone here install a -2 headset on the Megatrail/Smash/Shred Dogg?
  134. SPAM - 2015 1st gen MEGATRAIL
  135. BKXC and the Singletrack Sampler riding Smashes (YouTube guys)
  136. MT to Smash trade?
  137. no more RAW? (and no more paint price increase?)
  138. Any 5'8" Riders on Guerrilla Gravity?
  139. REI Denver Flagship Store is Selling their Demo Mega Trails
  140. Frame Protection: Do You Use It?
  141. WTB: MT/SD Seat Stays
  142. Which GG frame rides the plushest?
  143. Singletrack Sampler and BKXC about to get some Smash!
  144. Burly build AM/Enduro vs dedicated park bike?
  145. Sorry to bring it up again...fork offset on Smash
  146. GG Megatrail and hope crankset
  147. Dumb question...
  148. FS: -2 degree works headset for GG head tubes
  149. MegaSmash vs orthodox Smash
  150. Mud guards
  151. New smash xl
  152. Spring rate recommendation for Megatrail/DHX2?
  153. Shootout...???
  154. I can do that!?
  155. Suspension service, that was easy!
  156. MT conversion kit
  157. Who is using their GG on flat, tight east cost single track?
  158. WTB: Super Deluxe Coil Shock
  159. Need help dialing the SD coil on the Smash
  160. FS: Push 11-6 set up for Shred Dogg/Smash
  161. Shred Dogg to Smash conversion thoughts/questions?
  162. Demo'd a Pedalhead and had some handling issues
  163. Smash to MT conversion question
  164. Pedalhead fork offsets
  165. Plus tire questions
  166. Megatrail Vs. Turner RFX (or Burner 3.0)
  167. Another GG The Smash XL
  168. FS: Two Push 11-6 Shred Dogg/Megatrail/Smash springs
  169. Push Spring Swap
  170. Shred Dogg Gravity Mode vs Megatrail Trail Mode
  171. One up post on medium Trail Pistola?
  172. XL or L smash I can look at/ride in southern california?
  173. NJ Mountain Bike Festival 9/30 - GG Demo
  174. FS: MRP Ribbon Coil, 29, 150mm, 51mm offset, 8.5 steerer.
  175. My New Smash....questions and pics
  176. A couple questions about the GG Smash
  177. Size "schmedium" feedback?
  178. Guerrilla Gravity Moab Camping Weekend
  179. Maxima spray polish on raw frames?
  180. Goddamn, that took forever...
  181. New GG seat collar
  182. Smashing Mt. St. Helens
  183. Trail Pistol Cane Creek DB IL coil creak
  184. Need an front plus wheel for the Pedalhead, any suggestions?
  185. GG wheel offset
  186. Gorilla Gravity club!
  187. New to all of this and need some advice
  188. Heeeeeere Smashy Smashy!
  189. Experiment - 29+ Trail Pistol
  190. GG's at Play (share videos)
  191. Megatrail/Shred Dogg versatility, need shock recs
  192. Guerrilla Gravity-British Columbia Bike Race
  193. Tubolito in your gg frame storage kit
  194. RS Pike RC travel change for Smash?
  195. Decisions decisions... trail pistol or shred dogg
  196. Smash Clydesdale component questions...
  197. Large guy looking at GG
  198. Pistola: Plush mode with 29er wheels?
  199. 170 or 175 crank arm length on Large Smash?
  200. Help with numb hands.
  201. Will my frame last forever?
  202. will my rear wheel fit? Trail Pistol question...
  203. Angleset and geometry question for Megatrail/Shred Dogg
  204. GG's in Sacramento area to try for sizing?
  205. Custom sizing
  206. Rack question
  207. Someone made the bike vault
  208. XL GG near Houston??
  209. Looking for a new seatpost for XS Shred Dogg
  210. Pedalhead test ride in Western NC?
  211. I stink
  212. Pedalhead Pictures
  213. MegaTrail for Pedalhead?
  214. Vancouver Lower Mainland shout out...
  215. Laramie Enduro
  216. Seatpost help on XS Shred Dogg/Megatrail
  217. Pisgah Enduro 2018. Anyone going?
  218. Delrin bushings instead of bearings?
  219. Coil Shock Feedback, Options, Pros/Cons, Co$t - For Smash
  220. Smash Freedom Linkage Question
  221. 155mm on Trail Pistola?
  222. MRP Hazzard - Hells Yeah
  223. Ok give me the truth! How does the Trail Pistol climb?
  224. GG Pedalhead review
  225. GG Riders in Vermont
  226. Hers and His / Shred Dogg and Trail Pistol
  227. PH on the AZT
  228. Just Saying Thank You Thread
  229. Smash/Trail Pistol 29x2.6 - What Rubs What Doesnt?
  230. Smash vs Canfield Riot
  231. Did GG axe their DH Bike?
  232. M1900 Wheels
  233. The good, the rad, & the gnarly Endurance Enduro at Angel Fire, Aug 11
  234. UnderGGround Dispatch
  235. DH Bike?
  236. Question about gearing and suspension
  237. SPAM: Small Trail Pistol for sale
  238. Bearing life
  239. GG Ride Quality
  240. Anybody Bringing Their Pistol or Smash to Sedona MTB Festival?
  241. Cush core?
  242. GG set up database
  243. GG working on new dropper post tech!?!?
  244. Leverage Ratios and BB Heights Between Pistol and Smash
  245. Pedalhead advise with tire size in 27.5
  246. Pedalhead - 29x2.6 compatibility
  247. The ride thread
  248. Shred Dogg vs. Trail Pistol for Midwest
  249. GG Frame 3mm Wheel Dish Offset + 142mm rear hub + Boost Conversion Kit = Win?
  250. GG Bikes and these crazy steep steep seat tube angles