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  1. EBikes and Age...
  2. General Motors Ariv
  3. Free Pivot rides
  4. Pennsylvania E Bikes info.
  5. Haibike Flyon
  6. TNT build Fantic Integra 180
  7. 2018 Large Cannondale Moterra SE
  8. Buying my first e-bike
  9. Ups e
  10. Giants Fans?
  11. Ebike riding in the south of France
  12. Di2 for e-bikes? Really?
  13. Are class 1 embts going away?
  14. E-bike explosion
  15. Philosophical thoughts on emtbs
  16. Help for Novice on Electric Mountain Bike.
  17. Yamaha PW-SE with Strava measures rider power
  18. SkeBike
  19. Anyone know who the guy on the Tazer is?? 😂😂⚡️⚡️
  20. Rocky Mountain Bikes Power Play Camp, recent Dealer Launch Phoenix, AZ
  21. Turbo Levo Comp Carbon delivery delays
  22. Avoid this ebike dealer
  23. What are your speed stats on a typical ride?
  24. Giant Trance E+ 2
  25. E bike rack
  26. A new thread on comparing ebikes in the EU vs US as requested by figofspee
  27. E-Bike battery concerns
  28. E-bike convention in Minneapolis this March
  29. Let’s see your emtb’s! Picture thread.
  30. Completely converted: 2012 to 2018
  31. Any shops out there have any small Specialized Turbo Levos for sale?
  32. Best way to talk to eBikers when they're on illegal trails?
  33. If emtbs were the norm would anyone buy a regular mountain bike ever again?
  34. Commencal Meta Power
  35. New Kona Remote-Ctrl
  36. Where are the best LEGAL Class 1 riding places (stateside)?
  37. Argument Against Modifying an eBike
  38. Pivot Shuttle eMTB now at Current eBikes - downtown Santa Cruz
  39. Really good article on selecting the proper chainring for a mid-drive
  40. S-Works Levo arriving today. Anything I should know about before heading out?
  42. 29er single speed
  43. What E-mtb Mode Provides Equal Assistance To Standard Mtb?
  44. Ho Ho Ho HPC’s Ultra-Powerful Typhoon Pro Electric Mountain Bike Makes Landfall
  45. chinese carbon, or ( titanium,) steps frames
  46. Crankbrothers E-MTB Wheels
  47. Have you seen this Turbo Levo video?
  48. 2018 merax finiss front end upgrade
  49. Should I get an Ebike for commuting?
  50. No hating this Ebike - look what's included!
  51. Some good points
  52. Fat tire for hunting first build
  53. Thok Mig-R
  54. Open mold 160mm travel 29er e8000 great geo M-178
  55. E-bike crash death prompts debate over safety on UK roads
  56. Charger Question
  57. Shimano E7000 vs. E8000
  58. Busting 10 myths about e-bikes
  59. Electric Bike Advocacy - People For Bikes
  60. Fezzari Wire Peak
  61. I dont understand the hate
  62. Boston Globe article on e-mountain bikes
  63. Giant Trance E+ 1 Pro Demo
  64. Great video on what E-bikes will become
  65. Shimano E-steps
  66. Great video on who E-bikes are for
  67. 2019 Cannondale Cujo Neo 130 2 -- good value?
  68. 2019 Devinci Ac XT Anyone riding one?
  69. Is there a cold limit for your Ebike?
  70. Check out this sweet Giant
  71. Thinking of converting my Framed MN 2.0 to an E-bike for winter
  72. Bosch, Brose, Impulse 2.0 and Yamaha motor spares, repairs and help.
  73. Protection for Bosch CX motor spindle
  74. Gearing for Yamaha PW-SE
  75. CO's Jefferson County Open Space allows Class 1 e-bikes on all trails after pilot
  76. US source for chainring for Bosch with 5mm offset for Plus/Boost
  77. Trek Powerfly LT 2019 now delivered
  78. Are Bonelli Park off-road trails in California Class-1 eBike friendly?
  79. Feedback welcome on haibike-sduro-hardseven-6-0-e-mountain-bike
  80. Any decent 29x3 out there? or Fat Ebike?
  81. What’s the best price for a new Pivot Shuttle?
  82. Riding again thanks to e-bike
  83. Automobiles moving from 12V to 48V electrical systems with bike-sized Li-Ion battery
  84. Throttle on the Levo?
  85. RSD Mayor Custom Build
  86. In The News
  87. UPS using e-cargo for delivery
  88. closeout deal 2017 emotion evo 27.5 pro
  89. My analog bike is in existential crisis
  90. Rocky Mountain Powerplay question.
  91. The Path Podcast
  92. Cube Nutrail Hybrid 500
  93. Pro motocross/supercross guys using emtbs for training
  94. e160
  95. Equestrian crossover?
  96. is the new Levo 700wh the longest range you can get in class 1?
  97. >More Power
  98. New to E mountain biking
  99. DIY Ebike fire destroys home
  100. Can you buy just an e-frame?
  101. Focus finished here in the US?
  102. Bosch CX RPM vs Cadence
  103. Chain life?
  104. What kind of shoes do you wear when ebiking?
  105. Ebike rack solutions
  106. Has Anyone Ridden a Scott E-Genius?
  107. Can ebike weight help it handle better?
  108. Does anybody here work in the ebike industry?
  109. Weight on the bike vs weight on the rider?
  110. UCI to organize e-MTB world championships in 2019
  111. 2 e-bikes for me!!!
  112. Shimano, Brose, Bosch, Yamaha, Giant, Rocky
  113. Shimano E8000 Drive Unit firmware update
  114. Affordable trail-worthy emtb for 5' 7" rider?
  115. How to sell ebike stuff?
  116. Has anyone tried a LIPO battery?
  117. Why Class 1 and not Class 2?
  118. Tensioner Compatibility / EBike Help
  119. Shimano STEPS e8000 short crank options?
  120. 2019 Specialized Levo
  121. Specialized Levo FSR Comp vs. FSR Comp vs. FSR Comp 6FATTIE/29
  122. Moab Slickrock Trail on eBike
  123. Pivot shuttle review
  124. eMTB in Northen CA
  125. Today’s Orange County California Ebike Article
  126. Project started!
  127. Anybody ride an emtb in SC or WNC?
  128. E-bike for the wife
  129. 2019 Levo, apparently radically revamped.
  130. eTrance - charger problems
  131. When electric mountain bike no longer a bicycle?
  132. Ebike category for Strava? Really?
  133. Hill Boost
  134. Anyone have a 2nd set of wheels for commuting/road?
  135. Anyone doing 2x up front with an e-bike?
  136. Anyone else interested in less power and shorter battery life in return for a .....
  137. Electric Shift for full suspension E-bikes
  138. Older fat guy wants an Ebike.....
  139. eHistory: 1st eBike patent in 1897 ...
  140. 2019 Turbo Levo?
  141. Ebikes Speeding On Popular San Clemente Trail
  142. H*ly h*ll my power bill is off the chain!
  143. After e-Bike purchase did you?
  144. E-bikes are getting people fatter. "Good article!"
  145. Drills/exercise/training (fitness) vs pure enjoyment
  146. History of the bicycle - how did we get to this point?
  147. Giant Stance E+ and Trance E+
  148. E-bikes are getting people fit. 2nd good article. With some surprises.
  149. Dillenger for DIY commuter conversion
  150. First "real" ride on 500W front hub conversion, many questions below
  151. Here is what we deal with in Marin
  152. 2017 Raleigh Tokul IE
  153. Pivot Shuttle
  154. MTBR eBike Survey
  155. about the SHIMANO M9100 and M8050
  156. Carrying a "Get Home" backup battery ?
  157. car charger for ebike battery???
  158. Levo fork upgrade
  159. 2018 Cannondale Monterra 2
  160. ebike buying budget different than reg bike budget?
  161. Modded Ebikes causing problems in French resort
  162. Could you beat Sagan on a ebike?
  163. New bike - Motor hangups
  164. Yamaha introduces ebike line up
  165. Fantic Integra XF1 Enduro 180 Update
  166. Harley plans for ebike
  167. Presented without comment: New Schwalbe "Moto Style" E-bike Tires
  168. Ebikes are getting people fit. Good article.
  169. Shimano E8000 eco mode issue?
  170. Bafang 24/36/48W Controller - Need Wiring Help
  171. concerning front forks
  172. Sub 36 lb FS emtb!?
  173. Rent a Commencal eMTB in Colorado
  174. Which donor bike? 2016 Lapierre Froggy 26, 2011 Transition Blindside (upgraded)
  175. Surface 604 Issues
  176. Specialized Turbo S ebike
  177. Trend watch: At Eurobike 2018, batteries are included
  178. 2018 Specialized Levo buying advice
  179. Real world ebike range
  180. Two motors, one controller
  181. This would be the perfect commuter frame! Wished they sold it as a frame only option.
  182. Poll? Should The E-Bike Forum Continue To Exist
  183. An actual eBike review (as opposed to arguments) - 2017 Haibike Xduro HardSeven 6.0
  184. Which Laptop for Bicycle Touring ... ?
  185. Fantic FX1 Enduro
  186. Shimano introduce new STEPS E7000 drive system
  187. Ebikes are here to stay!
  188. Luna Bikes...not the best customer service I have ever experienced
  189. Short crank arms for e bikes from SRAM
  190. Has anyone here actually received a ticket for riding an e-bike on a trail?
  191. Great Velonews column from Lennard Zinn on eBikes
  192. Another emtb article from MBA. Whatcha think?
  193. What's Watts?
  194. Sondors on the beach review
  195. Embracing E-Mt bikes!?
  196. Uphill Closing Speeds
  197. 25% tariff on Chinese made ebikes possible
  198. Rapid chain wear
  199. battery problem turbo levo 29 ht
  200. Intense next to enter the emtb scene?
  201. Bosh Performance Line CX power ON problem. Help needed!
  202. Focus Jam2 build thread
  203. Ebikes winning acceptance one town at a time
  204. FLX Trail 17.3Ah 27.5 hardtail...any thoughts?
  205. Buying in Europe
  206. Sram EX1
  207. Founder of Pivot Cycles on E-bikes
  208. Ouch! Don't modify your ebike in Italy
  209. E-MB 2019---whats coming?
  210. E bike mounting solutions
  211. Any interest in 2018 OEM DT SWISS H1700 ebike specific 29er Wheels? New take-offs.
  212. Colorado land managers on e bikes
  213. Focus JAM2 and Haibike AllMtn, Nduro dirt demos - Sat Jun 16 - Santa Cruz
  214. downsizing tires
  215. BMC Speedfox
  216. Specialized S-Works Levo - start up lag - issue on technical inclines
  217. Carrying an e-bike on the roof
  218. Ebike insurance requirements coming?
  219. Best E-Bike to Tow Tool Trailer?
  220. Twin Six Rando gravel frame, set up with risers (?), and electrified (Bafang)
  221. Is this the proper spot to post a E bike for sale ?
  222. E-mtb Rentals class one mid-drive
  223. Just for the geek in me, anybody know how much $ it costs to charge?
  224. Tell Us About Your Biking Background
  225. FLX bikes
  226. The ebike will replace the SUV
  227. “The e mtb will replace the mountain bike”
  228. FS: 2017 Levo Comp 6 Fattie, XL, Gloss Candy Red / Hyper. Great deal $2950 firm
  229. Demo an E-Bike in Washington State??
  230. Great place to visit close to Moab ...Goblin Valley State Park
  231. An example of why eMTBS rock
  232. Focus Jam2 Plus LTD
  233. Any Denver eMTB Rides here?
  234. final version of my custom build
  235. Are E-bikes disposable?
  236. Levo Frame Update ?
  237. Specialized Levo FSR - Broken tooth on cassette (SRAM 1130)
  238. Mainstream story about eBikes
  239. Just bought an e-Genius
  240. Almost a month in...I might make an Ebike my other toy.
  241. pivot shuttle now for sale in socal
  242. A great chain lube for ebikes.
  243. does anyone know of MTB frame/bike with 68mm bb shell?
  244. 2018 Specialized Turbo Levo Expert - First Ride Review / Video Log
  245. Brose S motor repair/service after warranty ?s
  246. e-Bikepacking
  247. Specialized Turbo Levo FSR 6fattie VS Levo FSR COMP 6fattie
  248. Christini AWD fat ebike
  249. EMTB - Frame only
  250. First ebike