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  1. How much bike for casual off road?
  2. Stepping back from excersise during the summer.
  3. To Crash is to Live
  4. Ok.. got an E-Bike.. and I love it.
  5. On Being 70
  6. Should I get a hardtail?
  7. Jumps in rapid succession
  8. Who also walks (and tracks steps!)?
  9. Turning 50 - awaiting MRI
  10. Viagra - who's holdin?
  11. No more 2020 Bikes!
  12. Things I've Discovered with Age
  13. Downcountry Bike for Older Riders
  14. Front wheel stoppage
  15. I'm new to this forum . . Turned 50 . . .
  16. too much sun / forgot my blood pressure medicine.. how I'm not dead is a mystery?
  17. 2018 Honzo AL/DL
  18. How do riders fare after total hip replacement?
  19. tendonitis update.. cortisone shot.. pros / cons?
  20. Of late.
  21. Mountain bikers with knee replacements
  22. Permanent insomnia
  23. Request for recommendation for affordable mountain bike for TALL RIDER
  24. Mountain bike tailgaters
  25. Hand numbness
  26. Another Aged view...
  27. Grandfather
  28. A big ride today
  29. How often are you riding now?
  30. I'm pretty sure I have tendonitis in both arms.. should I not ride for now?
  31. Ok, time for serious talk: the virus and you
  32. Experience with getting used to an 'over the handlebars' descending/cornering style?
  33. older bike for moderate mountain use
  34. Nightmare!!
  35. Ummm......
  36. Happiness & Longevity
  37. Thinking a dropper post would help me.
  38. Over the hill or climbing the hill? 70+ gang
  39. Statin drugs?
  40. Anyone else getting “reflective “ as they grow older
  41. Training for Sea Otter Mt. Bike Tour?
  42. Any "bucketlist" races to do?
  43. Fast at 50?
  44. How Often Do You Ride? Do you have any cycling related goals?
  45. What have you done to PERSONALIZE your bike?
  46. Mind over body, changing what can be changed, excepting what can’t...
  47. Kratom for easing ails
  48. Know your numbers
  49. Protein? Are you getting enough?
  50. Knee Brace with hot or cold inserts
  51. Other stuff you do
  52. Are there others spiritual riders?
  53. Total Knee Replacement...Anyone?
  54. 50+ and technical riding progression
  55. Octogenarian advice to a 25 year old
  56. Suspension Seatpost - Who’s HT has one?
  57. My Scotland
  58. 50+ and ready for a new bike but unsure of class level.
  59. Turn 50 NEXT year :/ , hit me ♤♡◇♧
  60. Did you overbike your last purchase?
  61. Generations
  62. Learning to climb
  63. Good day / or actually getting stronger.. either way.. I'll take it.
  64. Out in the world.
  65. Finding Passion. Again.
  66. Fruity pebbles in the yellow room.
  67. Excuses...
  68. Moab, Portal, and Two Old Guys
  69. Making a Switch
  70. Get Grumpy
  71. Old person wisdom phrases
  72. RV and MTB Fest
  73. Not about the cake and candles anymore
  74. Old dogs, new tricks.
  75. The school of hard knocks has taught me a few things
  76. Finally.......
  77. You'll never get up there on that bike...
  78. Therapy.
  79. BP Meds and Back Pain
  80. Vitamin K2 (specifically MK7)
  81. Strategic rut avoidance.
  82. Exercise Less = Longer Life / Healthier Heart
  83. Low T
  84. ankle fusion surgery
  85. When you're done riding for good.
  86. Story time.
  87. Shoulder replacement - who wants one?
  88. Things keep trying to tell me that I am too old for this %$@&
  89. Forum name change: Old biker guy health forum
  90. Patience.
  91. Getting stronger, having fun!
  92. High heart rate for an "middle Age" guy
  93. yay.. so I am now 50yrs old.. / working on bikes with hand injury / nerve damage
  94. What happened to me after semi-hot ride?
  95. thumb joint "arthritis" solutions for riding...?
  96. Introduction and seeking advice RE sore wrists
  97. Just Do It
  98. down hill
  99. Baker's cyst
  100. old guys.. how to tell injury from soreness from exercise?
  101. Where were you 50 years ago for MOON LANDING?
  102. Peter Frampton
  103. Speaking of old guys (on Tour Divide)
  104. Enjoy it while you still can
  105. Back pain reducing exercises.
  106. Hemorrhoids, who else suffers?
  107. Going strong
  108. Got a SS with front suspension- Should my head be examined?
  109. Teeter hangups
  110. I've hit middle age at last.
  111. sleep ?? nap ??
  112. I think i graduated (to FS)
  113. Bikes for the Chronologically Challenged
  114. Three things I learned today.
  115. What makes you tic?
  116. How do you keep the weight off ?
  117. Getting old gets old
  118. One Race per Week Recovery
  119. Questioning pedal choice after injury
  120. Tell us 3 good/great things about your BL
  121. Old tractors
  122. Pulled/Strained Calf Muscle - Bad Timing
  123. The Official Prostate Thread
  124. Who here meditates?
  125. Turned 50, bought my first FS bike!
  126. 2019 Ibis Migration in MENDOCINO - old fart fun time!
  127. blood pressure medicine(s) killing endurance?
  128. My alternative to RX glasses or lasix
  129. Cushiest ride?
  130. Have you dialed back on your riding as you get older?
  131. Sun Protection: What are you using?
  132. I'm going to give you advice you don't want about cardio-vascular health
  133. What I’m Doing On My 55th Birthday
  134. Efficient ways to improve bike skills
  135. R.I.P Mr. Walker
  136. How many of you bought a new bike without demo'ing others?
  137. Can exercise reverse the ageing process? BBC programme
  138. Hand pain growing with age. Any suggestions?
  139. Newbie to MTB bikes at age 65
  140. Recovery and diet (Wheat and Dairy)
  141. Structured Training for the First Time at 54
  142. The best thing I've done for my riding...
  143. Experience with Hyperthyroidism / Grave's disease / Morbus Basedow?
  144. I got my AARP card last week...
  145. Actinic Keratosis - a topical cream Rx treatment
  146. Recovery after total hip replacement
  147. What sort of protection do you wear on your rides?
  148. Hypokalemic partial paralysis
  149. I asked
  150. Weight loss and improved endurance
  151. Cool to see RC still shreddin' it!
  152. Consequences for your future when taking big risks on your Mountain bike.
  153. Cyclist Tested Positive for a Steroid. He’s 90.
  154. What's Your Kryptonite?
  155. Not Really An Age Thing But A Common Sense Thing.
  156. 82 and 80 years old
  157. Exercise or forget why...
  158. Bone Spurs in Knee
  159. Lift or ride?
  160. Park Bike/Dirt Jumper
  161. Plantar Fasciitis
  162. Dropper post installed!!
  163. Incidental Diagnosis - Oh and by the way, we found you have....
  164. Diverticulitis and Cipro for treatment.
  165. Looking for riding partner(s) for evening rides on Oakland, CA MTB trails
  166. back / neck arthritis and mtb
  167. When do you hurt?
  168. 51 next week
  169. Aging, cycling and boners
  170. When to give up Enduro racing?
  171. A ride, recently: Wandering.
  172. The vortex.
  173. How to build endurance @ 52
  174. Hip Flexor issues in Mountain Bikers
  175. Shingrix vaccine for shingles
  176. Some fun bikes from the 1930s and 1940s
  177. 55+ Thinking of joining my teenagers - have 2005 Bianchi Lynx
  178. Never too old.
  179. 2 years in 2 minutes age 60-62
  180. Heart rate vs Breathing rate while riding
  181. Additional Heart Related Post
  182. The 50+ Year Old Age Poll...PART II ***A continuation thread.
  183. Give it to me straight, oldtimer to oldtimer: Should I be offended?
  184. 52yr old Newbie
  185. Are you losing it? ... the xtra few pounds
  186. Does Anybody Know...
  187. Some rides, recently: Evolution.
  188. Psa..............
  189. We came to (or back to) mountain bike late, this is our beginner s corner.
  190. Wich third bike ?
  191. Full Sus E-Bike Have you converted?
  192. Flat Pedals.... Any old guys riding them?
  193. Anyone working through adhesive capsulitis in the shoulder?
  194. Experience with Orbea Carpe?
  195. Link to last year's Ibis Migration in Mendocino...
  196. Swimming
  197. 50+ Riders Could Give Advice to Youngsters
  198. have your feet gotten bigger?
  199. Old Guys Racing?
  200. Riding with a hernia.
  201. did I ever bonk last night
  202. Old Dog Learning New Tricks
  203. Any old farts going to the Mendocino Ibis Migration?
  204. Packing and shipping a bike.
  205. Anyone with knee replacement and still mtn bikes?
  206. 29+, Full Suspension Bike for Geezers?
  207. Days off for a big ride
  208. Cardiac Concerns later in life
  209. Post Is for 60+ Riders Mostly
  210. Semi-Centenarian Singlespeeders ?
  211. Went cruising, ended up not where I set out for.
  212. Overtraining Syndrome easier to reach as we age?
  213. Old Guy NEW bike
  214. What a difference
  215. Where to Ride - I-20 or I-40 Corridor SC to NM
  216. Bone Density and Cycling
  217. Frequency of Falls?
  218. Does weather effect your choice to ride now?
  219. More old riders around than you realise.
  220. Masters Level cycling site
  221. Age is a state of mind
  222. A-fib/Atrial Fibrillation
  223. Joe Friel's "Fast after 50"
  224. How to train to climb?
  225. Low back pain
  226. Carpal Tunnel: Anyone had the surgery?
  227. Hydration while riding
  228. Getting back to mountain biking at 70
  229. Training w hip dysfunction and weaker posterior chain one side
  230. Anyone else notice tumeric also works for allergies?
  231. Tall Head Tube/High Bar Bike for old guys?
  232. Shin guards
  233. Umbilical Hernia Repair
  234. 50+ Category for Revolution Enduro series in CO & NM
  235. old people smell
  236. amazing how fast the wind goes
  237. New Bike for Old Guy
  238. Too old to know better - the StrathPuffer 24 Hour
  239. Psoas???
  240. Anybody else running road bikes these days?
  241. Camera Up The Kiester Manana...
  242. Knee pain more frequent durring winter riding?
  243. The big ride
  244. Looking for arthritic thumb shifting solution
  245. Here we go
  246. Prescription Sport Glasses
  247. hoping to go to wales!
  248. Views on wide rims
  249. Reflecting on my return to mountain biking!
  250. XC Racing Tips