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  1. Nordic Backcountry Skiing
  2. Auto shop kept my car for 5 weeks...until I had to fix the problem for them!
  3. Santa's Workshop...
  4. Guitars and Amps
  5. Have you gotten your Xmas tree, yet?
  6. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Well, I'm still alive, for now.
  8. OOPS: Technology
  9. What's on your wrist today?
  10. Reality Bites
  11. Anyone do the Wim Hof Method?
  12. Earth:
  13. BLack Friday: Blew up the Internet.
  14. Holiday Depression/SAD?
  15. Phillbo 2020
  16. Elevator ettiquette (aka Tales from the Elevator)
  17. kewl ..yet useless? in 2019 Sony TCM-57 cassette recorder (mono)
  18. R.I.P. Jake Burton Carpenter
  19. A special place in Hell for....
  20. 25 Years Down the Gurgler
  21. Something you can't unsee
  22. PYGA Bike Frame Contest
  23. Wow!
  24. my new favorite fish monger
  25. The Great OC Tire Fire
  26. Rivers
  27. Wrong jewelry store, boys.
  28. Help teach AI to talk like a salty mofo
  29. Anyone seen La BohŤme?
  30. Big News!
  31. Did you ever have an Ex.....
  32. The Good News thread
  33. Guilty Pleasures
  34. Best Area to Work
  35. Boycott, Canyon Bikes, and Competivie Cyclist!
  36. Amazing Bike Riding Robot! Can Cycle, Balance, Steer, and Correct Itself
  37. Niche threads
  38. Bad News
  39. Are you native to where you live?
  40. More Good News
  41. DST - I'll miss ya...
  42. Question for automobile experts
  43. I'm studying the effects of fitness on age. Here's a 30 second survey
  44. Good News
  45. Meat-less Support Thread
  46. Fatique after long drive
  47. Prescription lens questions
  48. Hey, car guys
  49. R.I.P. Paul Barrere, guitarist / singer for Little Feat.
  50. High Divorce rate
  51. Sonoma Fire
  52. A close call....
  53. ? For older riders
  54. New Tool
  55. Dude ran a marathon in less than 2 hours!
  56. On this auspicious Day...
  57. This is all very technical:
  58. Whatís all the fuss about?
  59. Full-time you tuber as full time job
  60. This would be a bad road to have brake problems...
  61. R.I.P. / Boxer: Patrick Day.
  62. O. M. G.
  63. An Interesting person, worth getting to knowónothing political.
  64. Teacup dogs
  65. Name the funniest thing youíve seen today.
  66. Nobel Committee gets it right
  67. 'Joker'
  68. Has anyone tried the Terratrike Rambler All Terrain?
  69. Ginger Baker RIP
  70. Straight Rhythm live now!
  71. Need some new ad blockers. Suggestions?
  72. Fickle Fall (Another Poem by BCTJ)
  73. Weird allergy?
  74. Getting hacked (DSD Attack)
  75. Motor trade Facebook memes
  76. As your president...
  77. good playlist for drive from denver to vail?
  78. Kill your TV
  79. Now I've seen it all...
  80. Whether or not...
  81. I would love to see a parody of this scene with mountain bikers
  82. NFL 2019..thread. Discuss the season here:
  83. Busted..
  84. Nomeansno
  85. America's Sacred Cow
  86. Tapatalk WTF?
  87. Thatís it. End of days
  88. Im on a Greyhound bus. AMA.
  89. Homeowner shoots and kills 3 masked men
  90. Fall Foliage 2019 Predictor -
  91. Damn, Now Ric Ocasek!
  92. R.I.P. Eddie Money.
  93. Blood Donor? Anyone?
  94. Disc golf
  95. I'll just leave this right here.....
  96. Life: BC vs NZ?
  97. Drugs are awesome!
  98. order prescription sport glasses online
  99. Books
  100. MTB stickers on your car?
  101. FWIW that was funny
  102. Be careful with that sharpie marker
  103. R.I.P. Chad Peterson. One from our community. COO of Intense Cycles.
  104. Bugatti fails to reach 500 kph.
  105. Pathetic phishing/extortion attempt
  106. Rock Band History on REELS / Breaking the Band.
  107. Tired Tri's
  108. Really? Things that make you go, really?
  109. Tattoo study:
  110. Jessie Combs
  111. Fun police strike again!
  112. Cow thread.
  113. Colorado Elk herd collapse due to, hiking.
  114. Concerts, highs and lows.
  115. Your favorite apps
  116. Shingles, I think I have them.
  117. Longhorn Cattle loose on the streets of Colorado Springs
  118. "Sanitized Language for Criminals"
  119. Moto-x
  120. Rap
  121. Site traffic way down?
  122. R.I.P. Mr Cool. Peter Fonda dies.
  123. This just in: Vaping now bad
  124. Food Allergies Suck!!
  125. Fatal Battle Between King Cobra and Giant Python Ends in Knots
  126. Rainwater in Colorado found to have plastic in it.
  127. Best years for VW TDIs?
  128. What's up with people lately?
  129. Water proof socks ?
  130. How to celebrate?
  131. What brand of smoker/BBQ you got?
  132. Nearly 800 accuse Boy Scouts of failing to protect them from sex abuse
  133. Yes and no
  134. A Huntsville Rider
  135. Pink Floyd with Frank Zappa, never knew this happened. Far out man!
  136. kinesiology tape makes me want to cry
  137. The Game Changers!
  138. WTF is wrong with people thread.
  139. Is life in western Europe tougher than North America
  140. Would you go to the doctor if..?
  141. The Obesity Epidemic: What Can Be Done?
  142. Anyone with Land/Property Surveying experience?
  143. Blade Runner actor Rutger Hauer dies aged 75
  144. We have landed on the moon!
  145. Berkeley, CA bans natural gas in new low rise residential buildings.
  146. Phenomenal Insane Musicianship
  147. R.I.P. Boxing Legend, Pernell Whitaker.
  148. Corrupt a Wish - a forum game
  149. Dual sport motorcycles
  150. scooter share e-scooter, the death of western civilization?
  151. Hate my life my job
  152. Floods in DC
  153. Mini Cooper Countryman
  154. Old people and modern technology -or- overbearing parents?
  155. Simply WOW
  156. Bicycles are the cockroaches of human transportation.
  157. So far it was a 6.6
  158. Question for HVAC Guys/Gals
  159. RIP, MAD Magazine
  160. The Darwin Award goes to:
  161. What was your favorite/worst job?
  162. Selfies, really?
  163. Happy Canada D'eh 2019!
  164. Raised a few bb's today
  165. Test your internet speed
  166. Bug Out Bag?
  167. A sweet ride.
  168. My finger is numb from the riding of the bicycle.
  169. R.I.P. Beth.
  170. I saw an owl last night.
  171. Mosquito Season is upon us: Anybody care to share a repellent strategy?
  172. happy First Day of Summer
  173. who the hell are YOU to judge?!? (warning: long, angry, rambling diatribe)
  174. I didn't really know how freaking amazing Al Jarreau could be!
  175. Dog owners (file under Dense)
  176. Wretching in cars
  177. Hidden Treasure: Are you up for the challenge?
  178. Happy Father's Day to all the dads here
  179. Paging the Photoshop guys
  180. Be careful and watch out for the weakest in the group
  181. Bedbugs infestation anyone?
  182. Quit Smoking!
  183. My first love
  184. lest we forget
  185. ChiveTV
  186. WTAF pogo share startup looking to get its pogos into American Cities
  187. The Rise and Fall of a City Called Los Angeles, California
  188. Movie Title Game
  189. "Not available in Minnesota"
  190. Near sight eye e correction surgery?
  191. Lost and Found.
  192. the "great name for a band" thread
  193. To all who have served .....
  194. "OFF THE WALL" Vans!
  195. Downcountry Hardtail
  196. Sad Day Today, Mickey Mouse Has Died in a Tornado in Missouri
  197. The Stupid, it burns...
  198. If you enjoy history & bikes.
  199. Gloria
  200. Danny Macaskill: Danny Daycare
  201. Entertainment systems in new cars
  202. Tupperware
  203. Um, yeah...Alabama
  204. Tim Conway, RIP
  205. Something sensible from down south.
  206. Unlocked/Refurbished Cell Phones
  207. Maynard says...New TOOL album out Aug. 30th
  208. Thanks, morons....
  209. RIP Wild Kingdom host Jim Fowler
  210. Funny Business Names
  211. would you buy a hybrid car/Suv
  212. "Someone" is Always Listening
  213. Scrotal surgery...ya or nay?
  214. Volta - Cirque du Soleil
  215. The cats debate thread
  216. Vintage photo thread: Post up photos of your youth and the things you enjoyed.
  217. Game of Thrones
  218. Samsung S9 / S9+ Glass Protector
  219. World Champ and Olympic Medalist Rebecca Twigg Now Homeless
  220. Letís critique his technique..
  221. Water is amazing stuff!
  222. Lucas Meyer imitation of PM Trudeau
  223. Taijitu. Yin/Yang, Chaos/Order The Golden Rule....and singletrack
  224. Sri Lanka: 200 killed as Churches and Hotels are Targeted during Easter Services.
  225. If I was invisible, I would...
  226. PURPLE - The Mattress, not the color. Who has one?
  227. A certain report was made public today - I have a legal question
  228. Actor Christopher Lee Was A Real Life Badass
  229. R.I.P. Georgia Engel.
  230. Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories series...Jordan Peterson
  231. Notre Dame
  232. Dogs in grocery stores
  233. Hard Hitting Question of the Week.
  234. After Life
  235. Off Camber Home Improvement
  236. I donít think thatís even possible.................thread.
  237. Travis Bickle Is Now Legbacon
  238. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.
  239. How to tell if a scientific theory is correct.
  240. Appropriate Justice
  241. Do it yourself snake trap for under $5!
  242. LA to San Fran travel advice please
  243. Favorite new wave bands
  244. Daily desired beverages.
  245. Hey, you artistic types
  246. Scissor, scissors, or pair of scissors?
  247. Thinking of starting a cult
  248. Harbor Freight
  249. Old Slang Phrases
  250. Returning to horrible shape