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  1. Why do we need two competing HS MTB leagues in New England?
  2. NICA & USAC Discount on Intense
  3. Race Hydration - bottles versus hydration packs
  4. Colorado League Race #1 North - Frisco on Aug 25th
  5. Small kids on 29ers
  6. Collegiate Nationals
  7. Bike and Shuttle Deal for NICA Students/Coaches
  8. Just reached out with local NICA club to be a coach/ride leader
  9. A NICA alumni Word Champion
  10. Becoming a Level 3 NICA coach?
  11. 9 yr olds 1st race
  12. Where are all the kids and coaches when it's time to dig??
  13. NICA in Florida
  14. Sell me on the benefits of NICA affiliation
  15. Revolution Enduro series in CO & NM
  16. No refund for canceled race.
  17. Clipless pedal selection
  18. Oregon has now joined the high school league. This is great.
  19. #jersey
  20. Nica Rules on Disabled kids
  21. What Camelback for coaches?
  22. SOCAL high school league ?
  23. 2016 NorCal race #2 at Granite Bay - video highlights
  24. New Race Team at San Clemente High School!
  25. Advice for Bikes
  26. Upgrading my sons bike for Utah Junior Devo. NICA league. need advise
  27. Is carbon necessary to compete on a podium level?
  28. Why not Washington?
  29. High School MTB founding League in its 17th season
  30. Varsity guys are FAST!
  31. Talent ID Camps?
  32. Rider down
  33. New NICA Coach Looking for Advice
  34. Utah Races 2015 Calendar
  35. Trail advocacy documentary film available for use by high school team/clubs
  36. Team Leadership Change - West Granite Composite - Utah
  37. HS Teams and trail advocacy, activism and stewardship?
  38. Race 5 - UT State Championship
  39. Race 4 - Snowbasin
  40. Race 3 Report - Round Valley
  41. Ohio Interscholastic Racing League
  42. NY NICA at the World Cup
  43. Update: A couple of crashes and moved to a 26er.
  44. League Interest in North Carolina
  45. Downieville Classic opportunity for High School racers
  46. First Practice / Bike Fit starts tomorrow (Utah League (NICA))!
  47. Summer Camp
  48. Tips for convincing a reluctant high school?
  49. Help MTU cycling become a collegiate varsity program
  50. Pre-season fitness prgrams.
  51. NICA NY Sprain race
  52. NICA Grooms New League Leaders
  53. NICA NY League Race #1 Cancelled
  54. Massachusetts
  55. Huge clothing and gear donation program
  56. NorCal is 15 today
  57. How does a parent train for racing while also training a middle-school racer?
  58. Berkeley HS MTB: Volunteering?
  59. Scholastic racing safety statistics?
  60. 26er FS vs 29er HT for NICA Racing?
  61. New Junior Development Team
  62. Arizona High School Freshman female want info on MTN bike racing
  63. X-post from NorCal: MTB/Equestrian Clinic
  64. SoCal League : what type bike
  65. Big numbers!
  66. SingleTrack High showing - Gallup, New Mexico
  67. How do I get support/funding for a new team?
  68. High School kids on 8k + super bikes
  69. The Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay sponsors teams
  70. Arizona West Valley support?
  71. new norcal rider
  72. High School MTB Camp in Colorado in the Gunnison Crested Butte Area
  73. 2014 Berkeley High School MTB Head Coach - We need you!
  74. Santa Cruz Mountains Cycling Team 2013 Season Video (X-Post from Norcal Forum)
  75. Fund raising for NICA in Cave Creek AZ
  76. California State High School Mountain Bike League Championships
  77. Carlsbad, CA Team forming
  78. Pump Tracks at High Schools!?!
  79. Sierra Nevada Middle School Cycling
  80. Socal hs mtb, 2013 #4, keyesville
  81. San Diego screening of the documentary "Singletrack High" 04/22/13 8 PM
  82. NorCal race #3 at Granite Bay - Aerial quadcopter video posted
  83. NorCal #2 - Folsom Prison photos posted
  84. Texas League's 1st race this weekend
  85. Fundraising requirment?
  86. NORCAL #2 - on the Folsom Prison course! (aerial quadcopter video)
  87. 1st Norcal league race tomorrow!!!!
  88. NICA sprouting in Central NY
  89. NorCal teams ride with advocacy group
  90. Building Resources Through Donations
  91. my tutorial
  92. College Students: what bike stuff do you have at school?
  93. BTCEB Sponsors NorCal High Teams Again
  94. Michigan USAC Scholastic Championship Race
  95. Team uniform vendors
  96. Numbers of Female Riders
  97. Why are we doing this?
  98. Anybody have a read on the trail conditions for Marin?
  99. Novato Area Hotels Filling Fast
  100. Cell Reception at Boggs?
  101. Boggs Weather
  102. As soon as the HS racing season started people stopped posting here
  103. Clarkston, MI scholastic team to build MTB trail on school property
  104. How many are on 29ers?
  105. Looks like NICA In In For A Wet Race This Sunday
  106. Nevada High School Mountain Bike Program
  107. Now is the time to get your MiSCA club organized
  108. College Mountain Bike Clubs: Tell us about yours
  109. Rollcall: Coaches and competitors and volunteers
  110. Texas High School Mountain Bike League
  111. Feb 26 Norcal NICA Granite Bay Race Reports.
  112. Norcal High School Cycling opening
  113. Oneonta State College Mountain Biking Club Passion: VIDEOS
  114. Natl Mtn Bike Racing Sanction For Kids?
  115. High School League Frankenbikes
  116. Fairfax Woman wins National College MTB Title
  117. NCAA $2K stipend/Collegiate MTB
  118. Collegiate racing -- Stanford race?
  119. Collegiate Nationals @ Angel Fire
  120. help for 2011 Collegiate Nationals Angel Fire,NM
  121. 'Bike Tech at School' program offered at five area high schools
  122. Moving to college and stuff....
  123. College Bike Storage
  124. Neshaminy High School Tommorow 8/6/2011
  125. Help Bring High School Mountain Biking League to NY
  126. For Those VTers Interested - High School Mountain Biking
  127. Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals move to Angel Fire Resort
  128. California State High School Championships
  129. High School MTB Racing in SoCal
  130. High School MTB Racing
  131. Neshaminy High School (Idlewood trail) during the day?
  132. College and the High Life
  133. Berkeley High MTB 2012 Season Head Coach Position is Open!
  134. Berkeley High School MTB on KCBS
  135. Start them Young..
  136. Thornton High School
  137. Colorado High School MTB and BMA Benefit Thursday!
  138. Evergreen State College
  139. Starting a High School Bike Program
  140. college, college, college... Seattle vs. Bellingham
  141. Folsom Prison course (High School) race photos
  142. High School League @ Expo this weekend
  143. College Student Looking for First 29er....
  144. College student looking for a ride under $500
  145. biking college?
  146. Washington High School Cycling League
  147. Washington High School Cycling League
  148. College
  149. First Bike for College and XC
  150. High school Mountain Bike Racing
  151. College Student Looking for a Bike
  152. college dream bike finished! tell me what you think.
  153. High School Team
  154. High School Cycling Teams?
  155. Advice for poor college student on component upgrades
  156. Mountain biking in our high schools?
  157. Congratulations Cal Poly: 4th place in Collegiates
  158. Texas High School Mountain Bike League Launch Party
  159. Minnesota High School Cycling League
  160. High School MTB racing inaugural race this last weekend
  161. Colleges in MTBing areas?
  162. High School Mountain Biking - needs your help
  163. High School MTB League
  164. NorCal & SoCal High School Racers huge at Nationals
  165. High School Mountain Biking
  166. High School MTB racing league Leaders Summit next weekend
  167. Big Wheel Rohloff at NorCal High School Champs
  168. Big Wheel Rohloff at NorCal High School Champs
  169. ROADIE CONTENT: collegiate nationals recap
  170. Texas High School Mtb Racing League is starting
  171. meso taking names at collegiate (road) nationals
  172. NorCal High School Racing cancels Sunday's Boggs race
  173. High School MTB Racing
  174. Neshaminy high school trial
  175. Albany High School girls showed up this year to race
  176. High School MTB club?
  177. Albany MTB represents at National Board
  178. 29er on college budget?
  179. 1 College student's winter break = 1 Clean bike!
  180. Fwd: NorCal High School Cycling League Seeking Executive Director
  181. chapel hill high school trails
  182. BYU- a college to go to for FREERIDE?
  183. College Bikes?
  184. Colleges near good riding area's
  185. 2009 Collegiate Nationals @ Northstar
  186. Colorado High School Mountain Bike Racing League
  187. high school mountain biking
  188. Brevard College Collegiate National Champs
  189. Rode Neshaminy High School Today...
  190. High School Mountain Biking Program Goes National
  191. High School Mountain Racing
  192. Palo Alto Area High School XC MTB Coaches Needed, Maybe
  193. NorCal High School Racing Championships at Boggs Saturday and Sunday
  194. **HARO BIKE ~ STOLEN from Sauk Centre, MN High School**
  195. **HARO BIKE ~ STOLEN from Sauk Centre, MN High School**
  196. **HARO BIKE ~ STOLEN from Sauk Centre, MN High School**
  197. Belchertown High School riders
  198. **Collegiate Downhill Red Bull Night Race**
  199. So Cal High School Race #3 Arrowhead COME OUT & WATCH!
  200. Nor-Cal High School Race @ Fort Ord???
  201. Warner Springs High School race
  202. XC mtn biking in high schools
  203. #1 SoCal High School MTB Race - Vail Lake
  204. SOCAL High School Race #1 - March 8th - this weekend
  205. Albany High at NorCal High School season Opener
  206. South Bay Composite High School Mountan Bike Team
  207. Feature on high school MTB league in today's SF Chron
  208. Any Collegiate DH'ers out there?
  209. fad's are for high schoolers.
  210. MTB High School clubs
  211. High School Riders
  212. SoCal High School Mountain Bike Fund Raiser
  213. High school mtb. club
  214. NorCal High School Mountain Bike Auction
  215. NorCal High School Racing article at Bike Radar (UK)
  216. Collegiate Nationals
  217. Menso races Collegiate Nationals this weekend
  218. Who is going to do the NorCal High School MTB League?
  219. Garage sale to benefit high school mtb team - looking for donations
  220. High school drafting project
  221. NorCal High School Racers Show HUGE at Deer Valley.
  222. NorCal High school Racer arrives at UCI Championships
  223. Any High School MTB teams in socal?
  224. High School Aftermath
  225. All NorCal High School Girls Finish Championship Race
  226. NorCal High School Racers score big at Santa Inez
  227. Third Annual State High School and Middle School Mountain Bike Championships
  228. Any high school coaches out there who race/ride
  229. High School MTB league looking for volunteers
  230. NorCal High school MTB at Granite Bay
  231. New Rulebook Bans Caffeine For High School Athletes
  232. Course Marshals Needed for High School Mountain Bike Races!
  233. Collegiate road nats coming to fort collins
  234. High school MTB teams
  235. 3 High School Teams in Wildcat and Tilden today.
  236. Nuboy, your daughter is old enough to have serviced the entire high school football t
  237. Berkeley Billy Cross (collegiate race) report
  238. Bob Roll highlights Cyclefest 2007 for NorCal High School League
  239. Collegiate Nationals @ North Carolina next week- who's going?
  240. WSC Collegiate Conferance finals!!
  241. Lees McRae Collegiate Nationals.
  242. Seville Equestrian Centre Trails and High School Dressage - Spain
  243. UMass Collegiate Race Report (long)
  244. nooses found hanging on trees outside a High Point, NC high school
  245. NorcCal High School Racing at Toro Sunday
  246. NorCal High School Racng at Granite Bay
  247. NorCal High School Racing Starts at CCI Sunday
  248. Chuky send Glad Rags to El Cerrito High School MTB Girls
  249. Advanced High School Racers at Tamarancho This Weekend
  250. Pro Prize money donated to Norcal High School MTB League