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  21. new diet involving only meat was on the chicago news last night
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  25. Riding fasted with good results.
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  33. Nitro booster
  34. Infinit Nutrition getting foamy??
  35. Probiotic fruit juice
  36. Bike Storage vs Backpack
  37. Limited duration modified diet/nutrition experiences (Whole 30 in my case...)
  38. Rice cake consistancy ??
  39. Camelbak blatter
  40. Camelbak repack
  41. Osprey Viper 3
  42. Tailwind vs Infinit
  43. Looking for reviews on the Osprey viper 3 or syncro 3
  44. Fanny packs/bum bags/hip packs
  45. Best bottle cage?
  46. Insulated bottle for a Spec. Zee cage.
  47. 60/20/20
  48. Polar Cenote Cap system on regular Polar bottle
  49. minimalist 100oz hydration packs
  50. welp, found and fixed a magnesium deficiency and feel worlds better
  51. Nutrition for training and weight loss?
  52. Ryno Power stack users?
  53. Looking for a durable 40+ ounce water bottle
  54. CamelBak magnet on left side
  55. Sports legs
  56. Coconut Water
  57. can you drink too much water during a ride?
  58. CBD oils for inflammation and anxiety
  59. Any hypoglycemics here?
  60. Need advice on preventing cramps doing a 100-mile road ride
  61. What do you eat on a ~3 hour ride?
  62. Best Liquid Calories out there?
  63. Always drink potable water or bring your own?
  64. beef jerky as snack?
  65. Hammer gel?
  66. 5 hour energy before a ride
  67. Maurten
  68. Anyone else love paw paws?
  69. Help me here people
  70. Woman in Australia dies from protein supplements
  71. Type 2 Diabetes Nutrition / Calories While Riding
  72. Wheat Free?
  73. Hard boiled egg
  74. Better than Gatorade?
  75. did I just physically wipe myself out or is this coincidence?
  76. Fueling advice for 100 mile mtb race?
  77. Energy bars with very low or no sugar. Or at least, no added refined sugar?
  78. Any Serious Weight Lifters Who Ride?
  79. Not eating enough?
  80. Has anybody been fasting and gone riding?
  81. Drink coffee before ride?
  82. The energy blueprint: Any opinions or experience??
  83. becoming a breatharian
  84. Homemade sports drink
  85. Made my own energy bars
  86. Hydration Pack help. What's good what's junk
  87. Recommendation for sweetener free electrolyte mix?
  88. Accurate "bathroom scale" that is attractive and cheap?
  89. Hydration Pack Color?
  90. Tailwind vs e-Fuel vs . . . ?
  91. Weirdly not thirsty on long ride
  92. Hydration Bladder Hygiene
  93. Gluten free food
  94. Do Energy Drinks Go Out Of Date?
  95. Too much magnesium ?
  96. Anyone interested in a ketogenic liquid fat bomb that you can take on rides?
  97. Can 35-40 lbs be safely and efficiently lost in 90 days?
  98. Endurance Training: 50-60 Mile Mark Kills
  99. Just read Waterlogged by Noakes - Whoa!!
  100. Perfect recovery smoothie
  101. Beyond Meat and other vegetarian options
  102. How is saturated fat added to cocoa chips?
  103. Keto Drink Mix
  104. Weight gain with creatine or cittruline?
  105. Looking for a water bottle with a protective cap
  106. Vitamins?
  107. What is your regimin?
  108. Smoothie?
  109. Ketogenic Diet experiment - Weekly Diary
  110. Looking for liquid fuel comparable to Infinit speed/gofar
  111. Shut up legs!!
  112. Fabric Water Bottle
  113. Vegan recipes for supertasters?
  114. Looking for tips on fine tuning my diet plan for 2017 to achieve my ideal weight.
  115. Anybody like riding with lumbar hydration pack (ie - fanny pack) - recommendations??
  116. Hotshot drink for cramps
  117. Good Nutrition Help
  118. Big Sugar
  119. Need tips for eating well at holidays/parties
  120. Long ride bonk, fitness or nutrition?
  121. My muscles stay sore for days...
  122. Raw eggs
  123. Feel light headed
  124. Camelback Palos For Winter
  125. I'm Looking for Supplement Information
  126. Looking for a small hydration pack
  127. Osprey Syncro 3?
  128. How are you getting more than 60g carb per hour without maltodextrin?
  129. Wait what?? High fat protien diet?
  130. Squeeze Tubes for Honey and home made goo (OK, keep it civil)
  131. Zipfizz Energy Drink
  132. Osprey Raptor 14 Review
  133. Another headache thread -- Might be neck related?
  134. Speedfil Hydration System?
  135. Hopefully someone can help....
  136. Your typical lunch on the trails
  137. Leaving Energy Gel in Hot Car
  138. Leg Cramps......not a good day.
  139. Midlife return to MTB/conditioning questions.
  140. I Think I May Need Electrolytes
  141. hydration pack for hot and humid summer days
  142. Riding food for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  143. mid ride potatoes
  144. How do I make myself like coffee?
  145. Best way to load up on calories after a ride?
  146. wha'ts good pre ride food?
  147. Beet Root?
  148. XC Endurance Race Nutrition
  149. plain H2O vs. sports drinks like Gatorade/Powerade?
  150. Storing hydration
  151. What to select for sports hydration?
  152. All of a sudden cramps?
  153. Homemade powerbars
  154. Food For Begginers - Long Rides
  155. Maximizing college diet for more energy?
  156. Broken Promises
  157. 24 hours in the old pueblo food ideas? whatcha cooking?
  158. Nashbar's hydration slae....that's right....slae...
  159. camelbak sternum straps---how to keep them attached to straps
  160. Can anyone recommend a protein bar?
  161. 2016 Food/drink/health changes and updates. Whats your plan?
  162. Food and drink for Long Distance Rides
  163. 1st Endurance EVS
  164. 12hr Endurance Relay Race
  165. what the general consensus about Coconut water?
  166. My 2 cents: Osprey Raptor 14 vs. Camelbak MULE NV
  167. Hydration Level Monitoring
  168. Hydration Level Monitoring
  169. Taste free reservoir
  170. Protein vs Creatine or Both?
  171. Before The Ride
  172. How much protein is really needed?
  173. alpha thalammesia minor + mtb
  174. Energy levels falling earlier in rides than usual?
  175. Osmo nutrition, changing everything!
  176. Quick before ride meals/snacks...
  177. an I get some suggestions on changes to help me achieve my goal physical condition?
  178. Looking for soft nipple cage mounted bottles
  179. Straight water or electrolyte rich hydration required during rides?
  180. great article about -- eating more makes you lose weight
  181. supplements, vitatmins, etc
  182. USWE F4 / F3 back protection ? Or EVOC
  183. Trail food?
  184. need to carry water?
  185. Help Me Pick Out Bars for Bike Trip - New to Cycling Bars
  186. Help with pre and post ride nutrition during weight loss plan!
  187. Sports Legs
  188. Calorie Expenditure...
  189. Stomach sick.
  190. Shimano Unzen 4 Enduro (U4E) Review
  191. What does your ideal hydration backpack look like?
  192. Osprey Raptor 14 - Defective Item? Missing Feature - Request for Image - PICS INSIDE
  193. Reservoir turning yellow??
  194. Camelbak - replacement clasps/fasteners?
  195. Doing my first 24hr relay in June. Advjice on Nutrition?
  196. Hip Hydration Pack for Rider with Lower Back Problems?
  197. energy gels/chews + endurance rides = cramping
  198. Old School Hydration Packs
  199. Swapping Reservoirs - Question
  200. Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle.
  201. Old Mans Hydration Supplement
  202. remove post
  203. longer camelback tube?
  204. Camelbak Mule?
  205. Weight Maintenance vs Loss before race?
  206. what's the best supplements to make me go harder and longer & have no adverse effects
  207. Creatine
  208. Stomach pain on long rides
  209. 6 Hour Race - What Do I Need?
  210. Heed, whats your flavor
  211. Another option for those that don't want to wear a pack
  212. Vegetarian / Vegan / Raw recipes & chat
  213. Heavier rider nutrition?
  214. article on nutrition:
  215. How much do you guys eat on 3-4 hour rides?
  216. Industrial Design Thesis -- Rethinking Hydration on the Mountain
  217. What and when to eat during a ride
  218. Formula for hydration / water intake rate
  219. Best food for bonking?
  220. Fuel for a 3hr Ride
  221. Organic Sports Drink
  222. Is Tuna really that bad for you...?
  223. intermittent fasting
  224. Good bottle cages
  225. Calories Burned During Mtn Biking
  226. Supplement recommendations
  227. Replacement for SlimFast?
  228. Camelbak modifications
  229. Leg muscle fatigue
  230. Bicycling magazine article about cramping
  231. Dead/wooden legs
  232. Bags/dark lines under eyes after long rides?
  233. Calling Clean Bottle users
  234. Endurance Racing and Electrolytes / Minerals
  235. camelbak question.
  236. Not seeing any benefits - over riding?
  237. garbage belly hoping to change his ways.
  238. Question for Hydrapack owners
  239. "energy" drink and general hydration & etc
  240. Gave blood a week ago then decided to race cyclocross seriously - recovery tips?
  241. Hydration Pack Bladder Capacity
  242. Nuun Electrolyte and Sport Legs?
  243. Breakfast B4 riding
  244. BPA and thalates free bottle
  245. How do you carry your food/drinks?
  246. Anyone using a Camelback with lumbar reservoir?
  247. Cyclebox subscription
  248. Camelbak elixir electrolyte tabs
  249. Hydration pack - small, minimalist with 100 oz
  250. Bcaa