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  28. Relive App
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  39. Any Mio Cyclo users here?
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  41. Failing HRM
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  43. Sunburnt Garmin Edge
  44. Coros Apex Pro (or other models)
  45. Strava Sticker
  46. Strava not finding segments where there are tons of segments?
  47. route planners and elevation gain issues
  48. App to replace Strava
  49. Seeing your Name on a Strava Leaderboard will cost $5 a month now.
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  59. Garmin Training Center with newer Garmins? (830 being considered)
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  65. Bryton 420
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  75. Bryton 310
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  78. GPS device
  79. Sensor Ant+ or bluetooth
  80. Bike Computer with bluetooth speaker
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  85. Garmin Watch and Computer
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  87. Hammerhead karoo
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  89. Looking for this mount for a Garmin
  90. bike computer or watch
  91. Cyclemeter vs Strava--Your mileage may vary!
  92. do most mtb computers over $200 have an "out and back" type of feature?
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  94. Page Setups: Wahoo ELEMNT with Power Meter
  95. Garmin Edge and Trailforks - record ride?
  96. Ride With GPS crazy speed chart
  97. I don't know what I want, but I am sure you will tell me.
  98. Are there any SPD power-meter pedals on the horizon?
  99. What apps are you using during rides?
  100. best mtb trail apps?
  101. Cateye Padrones (yes, plural) resetting
  102. garmin Birdeye
  103. Gradtuate/masters student in search for accelerometer data
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  105. You're lost in the woods......
  106. Best trail catalog
  107. Anyone use ondago map app?
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  109. Garmin EDGE 500 battery replacement
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  112. tracking app suggestion
  113. Power meter info and help
  114. Wahoo Bolt / Element Lap Feature help
  115. Cateye Padrone+ issue
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  118. HRM that will last
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  121. 35% off garmin for blue cross blue shield
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  123. Looking for clarifications about Strava and galaxy smart watch
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  127. Micro USB Rechargeable AA Batteries
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  132. What capabilities do I lose without barometric altimeter?
  133. My Garmin Fenix riders
  134. Edge 530 - Predicted Accuracy
  135. Most accurate street (and trail) incline maps?
  136. How do you mount your GPS?
  137. Computer Mounting Locations
  138. Did you calibrate your Garmin speed sensor?
  139. Heart Rate Variablity
  140. Basic watch to use as HRM w programmable intervals (audible timer)
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  143. Anyone tried a "mini" android instead of Garmin?
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  145. This must be wrong, please explain
  146. Multisport watch VS dedicated bike computer
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  148. Downloadable trail maps
  149. GPS computers with TrailForks integration
  150. Garmin Edge 530 and 830 2019
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  152. hammerhead offline GPS map feature?
  153. preferences for wayfinding
  154. making a route that you haven't ridden yet?
  155. Quad lock, strava and apple watch?
  156. sigma sport wire terminals
  157. under £100, basic GPS with APP support
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  164. Cheap as chips gps watch for strava mtb and kitesurf.
  165. GPS Education
  166. quarq dzero and oval chainring - is there an issue or not?
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  168. Garmin mount insert
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  177. Are you guys happy with the screen size of the Garmin 520 Plus??
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  191. Bike Computers\GPS Trackers
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  201. looking for computer
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  215. Humon Hex
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  217. Virtual Partner feature
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