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  1. Steel ISP Tubing
  2. Affordable Custom Fat bike frame
  3. Bending thin wall chromoly
  4. Help me Understand GRX chianring for chainstay clearance
  5. preferred method for building a singlespeed frame
  6. 275x2.8 Shortest Chainstay
  7. nice carbon repair of cracked aluminum
  8. Where to get the tube under the steering wheel 25.4?
  9. Bushnell Style Eccentric BB Shell
  10. Making front end higher then rear
  11. Rear Shock Size Help!!!
  12. Braze on hose guides UK
  13. Figuring out Ideas for bike building
  14. looking for a fabricator in Austin, Texas
  15. Sourcing Long DownTubes
  16. Custom fork not as excepted
  17. Custom Cargo Racks
  18. Question About Carbon Handlebars
  19. Opinions on frame construction
  20. Shimano DM rear derailleur hanger clocking
  21. Is it worth rewelding an older steel frame with a new geometry?
  22. Is the frame cracked?
  23. The rise of the machines.
  24. Is this frame compromised?
  25. working out my first frame jig - a customized one - which addons and features to add?
  26. Vent Hole Question on Mtn Cruiser Frame
  27. Careful of thieves. Careful of Greg White in Bend, OR
  28. low trail/longer stem vs higher trail/short stem
  29. Steel Frame Repair
  30. How short a chainstay is too short?
  31. Paul Brodie's new framebuilding YouTube Channel
  32. Least expensive custom steel frames?
  33. Crimping titanium seattube?
  34. Beginner question on frame damage, how to repair and/or prevent further damage?
  35. stripping powder coating
  36. Anyone advise a Heat Treater for bike Frames in the Bay Area
  37. Head tube crack fix
  38. alignment of thru axle fork
  39. True Temper Tube Specification PDF
  40. steep STA's, pedaling dynamics and knee health?
  41. YT Capra AL Frame spec info
  42. 41mm bb shell
  43. Clinking sound inside new frame
  44. Anyone doing custom riser bars with a crossbar?
  45. Thermal Friction Drilling for Water Bottle Bosses
  46. A different kind of tool
  47. What makes a hardtail frame "supple"?
  48. Anvil Type 3.1 Journeyman Frame Fixture for sale, NorCal
  49. Identify dropout chips (swapouts)
  50. Second frameset done
  51. youve heard it before - long, slow, slack, steep
  52. Frame building jig available
  53. Aluminum Track Bike Build Series
  54. PVD/RAD. Refined.
  55. Fillet Braze Crack Diagnosis and Repair
  56. Tig brazing vs gas brazing
  57. BMX specific supplier?
  58. steel ED coated frame - complications for adding brazeons, powder coat?
  59. Benchtop mill for mitering
  60. Bottom bracket threads stripped on a 27.5 mtb frame
  61. Frame design inspired by CORVID19
  62. dirtjumper bmx seat tube
  63. 3rd Frame - Wanted to Share - Also have a few questions
  64. Patenting a novel idea
  65. Exploring Options on special build
  66. Rigid Forks - 2 Questions
  67. Building a Super 73, Luna ebike, mini bike style frame in UK
  68. Is anvil bikeworks closed?
  69. Needs to be said, as it relates to frame building. How's your COVID going?
  70. not really a building Q but looking for frame builders knowledge
  71. Amazing “Dream Build” video of Unno Burn carbon frame manufacture and assembly
  72. Rigor
  73. Frame building questions|Mentor needed for high school senior project
  74. Frame Build #2 with CAD drawings!
  75. Dirt Jumper - Frame help
  76. Hi! First post, first bike build, seeking advice on tubing selection
  77. PVD blog post about gravel bike design and looking back on old designs
  78. Thoughts on custom dropout design
  79. Incepi fixtures are available
  80. Need help with 1st build seatstays
  81. Steel bolt through dropouts for fork?
  82. Building a new frame jig
  83. Carbon Cablestay Removal <edited>
  84. (another) Carbon Frame Repair question
  85. Affordable custom aluminum frame options?
  86. Joining/extending aluminium tube
  87. Custom frame advice
  88. My new hardtail
  89. MonsterCross with a Miyata?
  90. Are there any strong reasons for building with titanium?
  91. Custom frame builder in SF Bay needed to fabricate rear triangle for a full suspensio
  92. Modular Dropouts and ISO Disc Tabs
  93. I'm designing a bike to be dubbed The Green Gobblin. feedback?
  94. Enduro Hardtail setup. Should I size up?
  95. Wanted to buy: used framebuilding tools (specifics in body)
  96. Risks
  97. Opinions of The Bicycle Academy LCFF
  98. Internally routing hoses + cables
  99. Sudar's Second Frame-- Gravel/Commuter
  100. Custom Frame - How will it ride?
  101. The art of making something badly
  102. Nuances of triple triangle
  103. Reynolds 921
  104. Progressive geometry?
  105. MTBR...Why the pressure on Walt?
  106. Materials for small parts
  107. Curved seat tubes wanted
  108. Seat Tube Angle -- Clear Up Some Confusion...
  109. Actual Wheel Diamter (or Radius)
  110. source for carbon supplies
  111. brazeon location data
  112. Forward Geometry - The Results Are In.
  113. Pvd-rad
  114. ebike shilling really really sucks.
  115. double post
  116. An English language mechanical question
  117. filament winding progress
  118. GRX Di2 Front Derailleur Clamp height
  119. Making a carbon seatpost, any carbon experts about?
  120. I built a downdraft table for <50% typical costs
  121. Feedback on Gravel Bike Geo and build specs
  122. Finding ALUMINUM frame parts.
  123. BungedUP
  124. 3d Printer Frame Building Tools/Accessories
  125. Looking for a pair of Paragon DR2010 dropouts
  126. Seatstay Coping Fixture Project
  127. Bi-Oval Downtube
  128. State of "DIY friendly" clear coats
  129. Tube Sizing for 180mm Freeride Bike
  130. Bikecad and or fusion 360 experts.
  131. bearing renoval 101
  132. Geometry and fit for 24" kids full suspension bike.
  133. Best way to prevent breaking teeth on holesaws when mitering tubes
  134. Best way to design a full suspension frame (as in what software, or just paper)
  135. Designing a frame similar to the Tumbleweed Prospector?
  136. Cracked chain stay
  137. MTB geometry and shorter stems
  138. Custom Road Bike Advice - Asking for a friend
  139. Where to start?
  140. 2020 vs 7005 alloys?
  141. Full suspension kids 20" wheeled Nukeproof MiniMega
  142. Chainstay internal routing
  143. My frame building jig
  144. Increasing tire clearance on steel CX bike
  145. How to minimize distortion on "lowered top tube" bikes
  146. Jiggernaut - Bike frame build
  147. Side plate headtube gussets
  148. Need advice - reparing carbon frame
  149. 309l for columbus zona?
  150. Need help with my custom frame
  151. Reason for unusual welds under the TT ?
  152. How to solder the inner pipe to lay the cable?
  153. Machined mild steel sliding dropouts?
  154. what's the trick to locating the front disc brake tab with anvil's phrunt shui?
  155. Carbon frame - rock strike
  156. Builder I.D. help?
  157. 2nd Frame - Wanted to Share
  158. Chico Builder Scott Jett 1991
  159. Full Suspension Frame Build Gone Wrong
  160. Shimano STEPS framebuilding specs
  161. Anybody build their own tag-a-long?
  162. Will my head tube manage the increased load?
  163. Full scale drawing, crankset / chainline info
  164. BMX / Hardtail twin top tube loop tail tubing advice
  165. Cutting out/ rewelding chainstays
  166. Full suspension 29er, finally finished!
  167. Steel seatpost wall thickness
  168. Build Help. 04 Rocky Mountain Slayer
  169. Low fork offset
  170. Bb thread help
  171. Distortion - How Much Before Scrapping
  172. Modding A Steel Frame Question
  173. Repair crack 4130
  174. Heat sinks and hardening in heat affected zone
  175. Weldmold 880 and purging
  176. Looking to buy the long PMW tapered steerer
  177. Looking for a Henry James frame jig manual
  178. The gotta-declutter Waltworks summer tube sale!
  179. Carbon frame repair opinion
  180. The curious feeling of seeing y'alls work in the wild.
  181. Welding out chainstays
  182. Which primer for steel
  183. Who wants some 850mm downtubes?
  184. Ti welds crack and snap
  185. Second frame finished
  186. first frame started
  187. seat collar question
  188. Purge vs. Heatsink for Welding 4130
  189. Chainstay Gusset: Good design or band-aid?
  190. Frame measurement doesnt match website
  191. Mtb tube set for a 70lb kid.
  192. How much cerrobend do I use?
  193. 3D Printed Disc Tab Jig
  194. Frame #2 - 160mm FS 29er
  195. Mounting brackets specifications and technical drawings
  196. 'Lines' on frame near dropout?
  197. Considering slider dropouts to replace standard vertical dropouts
  198. Improving TIG welding
  199. Cable stops
  200. Iso hox3tt2
  201. WTB: 83mm BB shell
  202. First Frame Build - Pics
  203. Paragon Flat Mount caliper mount clearance?
  204. Mitering with a lathe
  205. Flat surface and alignment table?
  206. BB Drop Discussion
  207. Bent seat and down tubes
  208. front end geometry Bikepacking
  209. Pvd @ nahbs2019
  210. Something rattling inside of sealed chainstays, making me insane
  211. Replacement for True Temper tubing?
  212. Decals for an anodised aluminium frame
  213. Crystal Clear Gorilla Tape for Frame Protection
  214. Not my fight: 7075 AL is now weldable?
  215. What About The Doctahawk?
  216. Custom Ti singlespeed geo feedback - - 726 F/C, 446 Reach, etc..
  217. Inverter Pulse MIG - New Welder Technologies - Useful for bike building?
  218. Saggy Bikes: Static vs Dynamic hardtail geo
  219. Dent in Titanium frame
  220. Head tube rings
  221. bent seat tube dimension suggestions
  222. Dimensions/standard for top-tube bosses for "fuel tanks"
  223. stainless and cast dropouts, can they be TIG welded to 4130?
  224. Stanton Tour
  225. Aluminum spring
  226. For Sale: Bringheli Jig
  227. HTA changes.
  228. Second (kinda first really) frame questions
  229. ISO: single speed dropouts for a 2010 Fixie Inc Pureblood
  230. Is Vari-Wall still in business?
  231. Looking for input on steel FS 29er design/build
  232. Help, Kona Coiler Dee Lux
  233. PF92 Bottom Bracket Shell Source?
  234. Carbon Repair
  235. Getting ready to dive in......
  236. This RC article about handlebars
  237. Moving pictures from a (the) Norwegian frame shop
  238. Radius / Roll Bender Guidance Needed
  239. Curved seat tube
  240. FS ti fat bike frame built in Northern WI
  241. Frame #3 and Could use some help with T47 BB threads. I'm in Denver, CO.
  242. Variable Head Angles on the fly
  243. Steel 29er Hardtail V2.0
  244. WTB: 40mm OD 7005 tube
  245. Steerer tube extension
  246. First of it’s kind in the Nation
  247. New tapered steel steerer option from Nova
  248. Constant trail suspension fork?
  249. Tubing suggestions for use with Paragon's steel chainstay yoke
  250. Who does Titanium Frame Etching???