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  1. Reflector recommendations for XM-L2 based DYI light
  2. Polarity of the power plug for a Monteer 6500? How can I figure it out?
  3. Newbie getting started
  4. ISO universal helmet mount.
  5. Testing 4x18650 packs with Zanflare C4?
  6. Tire doesn't come off the rim
  7. Noob Q: Serfas True 1500+ battery: replace cells?
  8. DIY Reflector Shields for Magicshine/Clones (& Flashlights!)
  9. darkstart light help or FS
  10. Stowing a 15000mah+ battery
  11. Electrical/ Battery Connectors
  12. Made Permanently Installed Solar Powered Lighting
  13. Water Bottle Battery Holder
  14. repair discharged Dinotte battery?
  15. Sad news today, Troutie RIP
  16. Hope DC connector source?
  17. New build!
  18. Whats the max current these will take?
  19. Optic and reflector, belt and suspenders?
  20. 12v Battery Options
  21. Haven't been on in a very long time
  22. Battery pack for dental light?
  23. Building a 2S battery for helmet mount?
  24. Old Jet Lites - anyway to use them with today's battery tech?
  25. dinotte xml-3 fix/rebuild
  26. NiteRider lithium pack rebuild
  27. Ikea Integration Sphere
  28. quad xpl bike light, not sure of lumens, comments/critizism welcome.
  29. Who has made their own lense?
  30. Bare XM-L2 led's
  31. Battery Pack Configurator Online...cant find
  32. DIY Diffuser?
  33. Upgrading the emitter on the MagicShine MJ808?
  34. Modify Niterider Taillight?
  35. who said sled lights were dead? Grandpa's on-and-flashing rear light
  36. Battery Question
  37. Lost my please.
  38. DIY using Lflex and 20mm housing- any reason to update?
  39. Light bar powered by 18V Ryobi batteries?
  40. All-in-one LED bike light for my commuter
  41. best solution for night riding--here it is NVG
  42. Amoeba tail light
  43. Please Help ID This Light
  44. Best cold weather 18650’s
  45. Custom Led / Driver boards for trippleshot and others
  46. Soldering Gold Plated PWBs
  47. Help powerin getting led light from battery
  48. Xeccon Remote switch removal
  49. Cross post. Cat eye double shot
  50. LED Light Strip for helmet
  51. 3D Model of a Sram Guide Break
  52. Dc5521
  53. Power tool 18v lights on a bike?
  54. Anything new and great on the led front
  55. HBFlex help..
  56. Niterider Pro Series Battery Rebuild
  57. Best long throw helmet light
  58. triple boards available in red or amber?
  59. Need a bar LED recommendation.
  60. Want to install turn signal on my electric bike
  61. Niterider Battery glue
  62. Add a heatsink to a light?
  63. Reccomended charger for 18650s
  64. SPAM: Big box of DIY LED stuff, cheap!
  65. Battey pack for 2x cree XM-L
  66. CREE XML USB Powered Headlight
  67. LED Race Track Lights DIY
  68. dead battery pack q
  69. LED Bike Visibility
  70. 3d printed helmet mount
  71. DIY lens for flashlight...
  72. Dynamo Easy2Led 20mm with Quad or Triple
  73. Securitylng 3 x xml. What did I fry??
  74. DIY battery pack w/ protected cells
  75. Dyno power ground?
  76. Can I resurrect cheapo china light?
  77. Looking for a 1.5mm2 cable with round plug
  78. Custom High/Low beam bike headlight VIDEO
  79. help with driver
  80. DIY battery holder questions
  81. New Light I am working on !
  82. Backyard flood light DIY.
  83. Can't stop building
  84. Battery PCB - which one? (repair project)
  85. Thermal filler
  86. New light
  87. Soldering iron or soldering station for craftwork on Leds and boards
  88. Want bottle shaped battery pack for 2 china lights
  89. Botched a repair job, can it be salvaged?
  90. Troubleshooting a homebuilt light system.
  91. DIY hack advise for using 7v heated clothing batteries with lights
  92. Solar$hitStorm 5000
  93. 1000 Lumens L.E.D. Headlamp Circuit Schematics
  94. What 1000 or More Lumens L.E.D. Lamps Should I Consider For My Build?
  95. What Voltage to Choose For 1000 Lumens DIY L.E.D. Headlamp?
  96. Cute-4 SS XR-E optic?
  97. DYNAMO lights and/or conversion kits for Büchel Retro Sports 20 Lux LED Front Light?
  98. How do you open up a Taz 1200?
  99. any good online vendors for custom led bike light?
  100. Low temp wire for flexibility when winter riding
  101. how would you build out this led bike light?
  102. Jet Lights 7.4V 5800 Battery replacement
  103. Need help with bar & helmet light setup
  104. Driver suggestions?
  105. Night Fighter Bt21 battery failure, GearBest SUCKS!
  106. deleted
  107. Easy2LED M36?
  108. Possible bike-light use for Prius V LED Headlights?
  109. Would like to get started with the DIY thing - Request for help
  110. Universal Mount for 50mm Bars?
  111. Found another use for my Amoeba light
  112. Lost my Niterider battery pack, 13.2V, need cheaper suggestions, surlock connector?
  113. New lights helmet from Magicshine and more
  114. N00b needs advice. Re-assemble or replace?
  115. Amoeba Standard XP-G2.
  116. Incredible luminosity in a portable package - build video
  117. BT40s for $46?
  118. New light taking shape...
  119. New Quad TPAD boards @ Cutter
  120. Beginner plug questions?
  121. Wanna make a 10-12 ah eneloop pack for my ds-500!
  122. More 'what to build' thoughts...
  123. Reflector design?
  124. New Cree XP-G3 released!
  125. Anyone using power tool batteries for homemade lights?
  126. "Easy DIY" Hammond case, triple XP-L, Buckpuck, 3d printed mount
  127. USB rechargable Magicshine compatible batter pack. Does something like this exist?
  128. Comb the Air
  129. Built Myself a 12v Floodlight for Parking Lot Use While Loading/Unloading
  130. FS Light Bundle In The Classifieds: Gemini Duo / Yinding / Magicshine Clone / Pannovo
  131. Philips Saferide mod with Cree XM-L HI
  132. 35mm triple optics and XMLs ,
  133. magic shine battery HELP!
  134. Suitable TaskLED b3flex substitute
  135. New Easy2led M36 build with Cree XHP70 and H6flex
  136. DIY Sphere +
  137. hot protection board
  138. simple wiring schematics
  139. light for winter endurance racing
  140. Build questions
  141. Ugly plug!
  142. Modifying a quality battery
  143. Another parts check list, guidance please
  144. Off the shelf diy housing options
  145. Switching a Niterider HID to LED - do-able?
  146. XPH Hi-Intensity quick question
  147. Charger problem - Turnigy Accucell 6 Old vs. new
  148. Adding a balance tap to cheap welded battery pack
  149. DX light and housing with Cree XP-L led
  150. Battery question?
  151. New 7-up XPH35 build
  152. Building a very bright red LED tail light
  153. Screw-in power cable thingies...
  154. Looking to add some 5050 SMD LEDs to bike.
  155. New Cree XQ-E High Intensity
  156. Down low glow?
  157. Circuit Sketch?
  158. GeoManGear battery rebuild
  159. Running a bike light on 12V (automotive)
  160. Want to create a new light for commuters
  161. self contained bicycle 'running light' project
  162. Looking for new 14.8V 18650 4S1P pack or DIY help
  163. Idea for next DIY
  164. 4800 lumen 3up XPH35
  165. Protection question
  166. Replacing emitters on Serfas light
  167. Good source for Halogen bulbs
  168. Aa light
  169. Modding help for MJ-808E
  170. preferred 18650 cells?
  171. Catye Volt 6000 Alternative / DIY Version
  172. 35mm easy to dynamo
  173. Cheap light then modify to 3up
  174. Chinese version of the B&M Cyo?
  175. PCB question from existing battery pack
  176. Light production part two: Need more of your input.
  177. Its time, first DIY Build.
  178. DIY Battery Repairs for 808 Clone?
  179. Small powerful Headlamp - 1xXML2, 1x18650 li-ion
  180. Supernova taillight repair
  181. Building my own battery packs out of samsung 18650 cells
  182. Rate my build please
  183. Old DIY-er, new questions...
  184. How to best minimize the "coming out of regulation" issue?
  185. MJ880 Clone expirament
  186. 90W LED light - The Sun Blaster. What kind of battery ?
  187. 90W LED offroad DIY - The battery mystery.
  188. New Cree XP-L High Intesity
  189. Homemade Mini Lathe Aluminium Alloy with Slide CNC Linear Ball
  190. Custom nitefighter bt21
  191. ​Homemade mini Lathe by Aluminium Alloy
  192. Looking For a Balance Charger
  193. Homemade Vertical Mill Router by Aluminium Alloy Profile very easy and cheap
  194. 7.4v Lithium Ion Battery for x-52 and Dual Beam
  195. Mini mag mount made from weaver scope mount
  196. 9x cree light
  197. Starting my first build
  198. Post creative light setups
  199. Light troubleshooting
  200. Reflector/Shield for Yinding
  201. Made a light bracket for over the handlebar stem :)
  202. I cant remember what im doing. Help! (need driver help).
  203. Upgrade MJ-808 Style Lamp
  204. Looking for drivers
  205. I need some help with my old Nite Rider HID lights.
  206. Happa - Half-Import-Half-Domestic 8,800 Lumens 12X XML Light
  207. Design a manufactured light
  208. Light ideas - What is it that you, as a customer, want?
  209. Pulstar cassette removal
  210. ghost shifting on a 2011 Trek Top Fuel 26er
  211. Cree XHP-70 5000lumen dual helmet mount light DIY.
  212. Cheap ABS Plastic GoPro-Tripod Adapters
  213. Mod My MagicShine and Clones
  214. looking for cree xqe on 10mm pcbs - no luck
  215. Modifying a Yinding (or similar) to a comfortable headlamp
  216. Sent email to Dinotte, got this response
  217. WTB - Moderate Output Helmet-Mount Light from DIY'er
  218. help with this newbie question regarding batteries
  219. Options for Easy2LED 20mm housing?
  220. Nite Rider HID Replacement
  221. Modding gw xs
  222. DIY Bright Rechargeable Taillight?
  223. What's the "go to" LED and optic these days?
  224. Help with rebuilding battery of niterider Minewt X2 light
  225. recommended tools/soldering gear etc for getting into light building/modding?
  226. FS: Some NiteRider Light Components
  227. Dynamo overvoltage protection
  228. Single 18650 won't take charge..reading 0V
  229. have dead mj808, need advice on what to replace guts with
  230. Sanguan sg-t2200 problem
  231. Found new supplier
  232. 4S Li-On Balance Charging
  233. GoPro Replacment Mount
  234. Lupine mount mod for Gloworm...?
  235. A bit of help needed! changed driver in light, but runs in protected mode??
  236. Driver board power problem
  237. Semi DIY deal
  238. Triton charger?
  239. Mj 880 and rc lipo question
  240. LED RIM Lights for Surly Clownshoe...
  241. Thermal transfer material or not?
  242. Niterider 3600 enduro -- uses both lamps when on medium?
  243. What adapter/charger do I need?
  244. Group buy interest thread: Fenix BC30
  245. Building Panasonic NCR18650B Super Max 3.7V 3400mAh pack 7.4V
  246. dualflex driver
  247. Newbie In Search Of Longer Run Times for Cygolite Turbo 740
  248. Great Cree XML Flashlight Deal $3.99
  249. Will a hub dynamo power a ebay cree xml flashlight?
  250. How to replace the LEDs in my Yinding