Zipper on shorts usually fail-
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    Zipper on shorts usually fail

    Ive had a few pairs of zoic, TLD, and Fox Q and the zippers all eventually fail. First the zipper pull tabs fall off. I usually soak in vinegar overnight and wash on gentle then air dry. Maybe its something im doing. The interlocks also get all tangled up and i cant push or pull the zipper past that poikt2. Do these mfg use cheap zippers or is the vinegar damaging them?

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    Ive had very few zipper failures. Wash with regular unscented detergent on gentle, close all zippers first. I have had plastic/rubberized pulls break tho. And seperatable zipper on jacket the stiffener where the ends join evetually fail.

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    Honestly I can't remember the last time I had a zipper fail.

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    what the hell are you soaking your clothes in acid (vinegar) for anyway ? pretty harsh thing you are doing.

    is acid listed on the care label on the clothes ?

    just wash them like normal clothes. if you need to soak them soak in
    laundry soap and water, not acid
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    Your soaking overnight, don't. 30 minutes max and no need to do it every wash. Acid even as weak as vinegar is still acid and corrosive. Also are you storing them sweaty or hanging up to dry right away? Sweat will also break down plastic and corrode metal over time so getting your gear hung out to dry right away also saves on washer cycles.

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    {Shameless self promotion... I fix zippers; that's my business, technical clothing repair.}

    Ditch the vinegar. If your gear gets stinky, soak it in Biz or Oxyclean first. Or a combo of the two.

    Zipper failure reasons:
    1. Small size zippers, the little lightweight ones, (#3) are completely inappropriate for hard use but manufacturers use them anyway because they are lightweight.
    2. Rough handling will cause them to get off track. So will taking your pants off with the zipper not undone all the way. If the fabric gets pinched and you reef on it, that will bend the slider; reefing on it before it's all the way undone will kink the coil and pull the slider off.
    Any alteration/drycleaner/seamstress should be able to put a new zipper in for less than $15. Ask for a #5 instead of a #3.

    The salt in sweat is corrosive, and will eventually rot the fabric but that's if you never wash stuff. The tabs are breaking off the sliders because of the #1 reason... it's a weak point and that's just one of those things that happen. If the zipper is in good shape and the slider broke, that can be repaired but your repair person has to know how to do it and where to get the parts. I do.

    I think of zipper sliders like tires.... they wear out when the rest of the parts are still good and work just fine.

    FWIW, the vinegar probably has nothing to do with the zipper failing. It just seems like an odd thing to do. Some people put vinegar into the rinse if they are concerned about reactions to detergent not getting rinsed out all the way.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll give oxyclean a try.

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