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    XC Helmet under $40 in XXL or XXXL

    It's time for a new helmet. I'm cheap and have a rather large head - not necessarily a great combo.

    Anything on sale in XXL or XXXL for less than $40? I don't need any fancy bling-bling; just a decent helmet. Black is better. Anyone else with a large head have suggestions?
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    The Giro Atlas is a great helmet for the heroically-headed gentleman. I'm on my second one -- fits well (with my big pumpkin, it even has room for a hat underneath), cheap (right around $35 at my LBS), and it doesn't look as ridiculous on me as smaller helmets always have. It has a stupid "carbon weave" graphic thing going on, but it's pretty subdued, especially in blue or gray.

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    cosigned on the Atlas, fits my fat head w/o a problem.

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    Here's what I've found thus far:

    Giro Atlas II

    Bell Triton

    $32 w/ CODE A95436 (20% off)
    Free Shipping
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    Helmets, really?

    your question got me thinking about my 5-year-old helmet. I know that it is recommended that they be replaced every few years, and mine has several gashes, so Iím sure itís taken some hits.

    Iím sure there are some testing standards and regulations insuring that all helmets do an adequate job of protecting the head, and they all look pretty dang similar to me, but there is such a huge difference in price. I understand that it is good to have some ventilation, and any MTB helmet has ventilation wholes, a visor to keep the sun out of the face is cool, but they all have one, and of course, since the neck and shoulders are a major point of fatigue, you want it to be light. It seems, however, that the gap in pricing does not make sense. The cheapest, (not even on sale) helmet for $39 http://www.pricepoint.com/detail/172...ersal-2009.htm, is also the lightest I have found. Is there a good reason to pay more for a helmet? I canít come up with any reason to spend more than the minimum amount?

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