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    Worst Crash / Full Face Helmet recomendation

    Hello Family Riders,
    I watched the worse mtb crash of my riding lifetime last week. Missed the corner, over the bars, off the ravine, slammed face first into a boulder in the creek. Unfortunately it was my 8 year old daughter. I didn't throw up (but it was close), and she rode away mostly unscathed.

    I think I would be more comfortable if she wore a full faced, downhill / bmx style helmet. Would you be kind enough to suggest a few?

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    I've watched my kids have some pretty spectacular wrecks too and like you I nearly puked as it was happening. We've started trying on full face helmets when we see them but, like the shop I manage, not many shops stock them so it's hard to know which will fit the best. This isn't something you or I can decide which is best and just get it for them. The other problem is that they tend to be kinda hot and kids tend to feel trapped inside them so tread lightly and don't push the issue too much but do try on as many as you can.

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    Wow. bad crash indeed. Tough little girl for riding out of there. If the helmet isn't available, maybe a book on skills would help. Protect the mind and the body, you know? I know you want to do "something" to help and we never stop learning. Just looking at it from a different angle, not criticizing any skills. This also gives her the chance to do "something" too (besides try on 100 helmets, which she might really like). If she reads a bit and gets one tip that helps, that would be worth it in my opinion and would boost her self esteem and confidence. You want her to be safe and have fun out there.

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    Fly Racing make some good helmets. Vigor makes some bargain-priced helmets, but they're heavy. If they make a size small enough, the 661 Comp is pretty nice and light and not too expensive.
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    Yeah man, Fly Racing has the best youth helmets. You can get them at.....

    Dans Comp

    I know how you feel. My son did his first black diamond trail when he was 6 y.o., and it saved his face from being stove in, seriously. I watched the whole thing from up top and it scared the hell out of me. I thought it was going to be much worse. Now at 12 y.o., he is a big time shredder now, dropping 10' ledge drops, hammering DJ's, and tearing up the urban concrete jungle. Anyways, our whole family wears Fly Racing FS helmets, and never had any issues with them. Comfortable as well.

    Good luck, and I hope she got back on and road again. On-On!

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    I don't have any recommendations but you have one tough girl. Riding out after a crash like that is not easy.

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    I'm looking into full face for my boys 7&9 Y.O. they are stoked about the idea. Pricepoint has a few in small and med. for less than $100

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    This is something I am thinking about also. I would hate to get them into something and then have them get hurt. My 9 year old son will wear it but my 12 year old daughter will not wear a full face. I might even get some other pads for my son because he is always trying new things and falling- maybe knee, elbow and gloves

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    My daughter (3) has a balance bike. I cringe when she finds a steep driveway and comes flying down. I totally understand the "Puking" comments. Funny thing is, when they just fall over, the world is coming to an end, but when they yardsale, they just get up, "I am ok" and go on like nothing.
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    Search the WWW for Bell X Games Full Face Full Throttle Helmet. I got one of these for only $17 from our local Ross store. It is light and sits tight on my (adult) head but is a youth size.

    They are only $60 on Amazon:




    Might be a bit big for an 8 y.o. though...
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    Pryme makes XXS-XS and the S-M runs small with adjustable pads. My sons first helmet was a GMAX at age 5. He still luvs that helmet. Pryme just a lil lighter and better side vision.

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    Saw this in another thread and thought it might be relevant:

    Quote Originally Posted by CaveGiant
    As no one else has posted this I might as well add the info.

    Full face helmets should not be considered perfect protection.
    Full face helmets have been banned in ski racing, and some motor bike comps for younger riders.

    the reason for this is for certain types of fall they can transfer a lot of force to your neck that would otherwise be reduced by your jaw disintegrating.

    When your body is allowed to protect itself, in a high speed face-plant your jaw tends to fall into 3 pieces and dislocates. The full face helmet prevents this happening and transfers the force to the c2/3 vertebrae. If your neck can take it, fantastic, if not you lose the ability to move anything below your neck.

    This happens enough that FF have been banned in skiing and in motorbikes where the person is too young for a neck brace to fit.

    So your original question should include a FF/neck brace option.

    For high speed DH, the advice is either wear an open face, or ff with neck brace.

    I should point out the obvious, this method of paralysis is pretty rare, but common enough to cause a change in rules in a lot of sports. Neck brace or open face.
    Your jaw can and will grow back, your spine will not.

    Might be worth looking into.

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    Bell Bellistic, my 11 y/o son wears one, seems to work pretty well.
    Oldest daughter doesn't ride.

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