Womens specific armor

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  • 04-07-2007
    Womens specific armor
    My wife would like to step up her riding a bit this year, and she is ready for her first set of upper body armor. Is there any womens specific designs?
    We ride blue mountain, ontario mainly, but also make trips to Windrock, TN, and hoping to scoot out to colorado this season too.

  • 04-07-2007
    try the women's forum maybe as well?

    Rockgardn makes some women specific gear (etc)


    Windrock, can't wait to hit that this year
  • 04-07-2007
    I wear the Dainese Safety Jacket and find it to be pretty good, I was sceptical to begin with, people told me that it would probably ride up a bit too much but I haven't really found this to be a problem - its certainly saved me a few times! And it's not too hot to wear the whole day. Before I bought it I posted in the womens forum so you might find some more ideas over that way...