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    Wolvhammer users... tell me about your sizing...

    Wolvhammer users, can you tell me how well they fit? Any regrets by the size you chose (i.e. too tight/lose)? I am between a 13~13.5 in U.S. size and I very curious if I should go 48.
    How do they hold up and any regrets spending this much money?
    Thanks for the real-work feedback.

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    I just got my 2015 Wolvhammers a couple weeks ago- so I can't comment on durability. I normally wear sizes 13 or 14, and I prefer wides if I can get them. I made up my mind a month ago that I was going to get some Wolvs as soon as they were available, but I was stuck between ordering 48s or 50s. When I saw Universal Cycles list them in stock, they only had one pairs of 50s and a few 48s, so I went with the 50s. They're roomy enough to comfortably allow for some thicker socks when necessary. So far I've just worn single pairs of socks in them. They can be snugged up fairly tight if needed.

    Also, one issue I saw people mention with the Wolvs before was that they were tight/difficult to get into- I've had no such problem with mine. I do not know if that is because mine are maybe up sized a little or if perhaps they changed something in the 2015 shoes.

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    Great feedback. Thank you. I think I will go 48 knowing I can snug them down if needed.

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