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    Wiped out today, helmet saved my lid...


    So I was tearing up some singletrack today, and was going FAST, and all of a sudden I just wiped out....

    Can't even remember what or how it happened...

    But I smashed my lid onto some bushes/shrubs, and the like.

    Got up. Gave everything a look, left wrist hurt bad, took of my helmet, removed a bunch of twigs and grass from the vents and rode on.

    Got home, looked in the mirror, nice gash from my UVEX glasses above my right eye.

    Took a closer look of my helmet and it had a nice crack down the front.

    I guess, the helmet did its job.

    Moral, of the story, wear your helmet.

    Now I am gonna see if I can get my helmet replaced under Specialized replacement program. Anyone replace a helmet using the 1 year repalcement warranty?

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    Specialized has a helmet replacement program? Last year they didn't. Giro does.. If they do now that's nice cause their better helmets are expensive. Glad you're not dead.

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    Tried it with Giro last year. They offered a replacement at a discount from MSRP, which was $15-20 more than I had bought it for new, and about $40 more than I was able to get the same exact model for at an end of the year sale. (not including what it would have cost to ship the old helmet back to them)

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    ya helmets are good things
    All Mountain was so 2005

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    I was riding my local loop this weekend and passed 7 people not wearing helmets. I was shocked! I have been riding this loop for the past year and might see the occassional rider not wearing a helmet, but 7 in one day. These trails (Oak Mountain if anyone is a local) are not smooth, easy trails. I have crashed on this trail several times and have been glad I was wearing a helmet. I just cant believe so many people would not wear helmets.

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    look at Cdub's face...small drop and crash w/out helmet
    the trick is ENJOYING YOUR LIFE EACH DAY, don't waste them away wishing for better days

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    What is it that they say?

    If you don't wear a helmet you must not have much to protect.

    there are a lot of helmetless monkeys on my locals. I just shake my head and go on. Unless it is a kid under 14 then I hassle the adult with them.
    Team MOJO Wheels.

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    I've broken several helmets during my years of riding. Every one of them selflessly gave its life to save me. I broke a helmet during a road race crash and still had a bump on my head. I was glad the helmet prevented an even bigger bump on my head.

    I see a lot of people who wear their helmet tilted back on their head so that if they crashed their face would protect the helmet from injury. That's just slightly above the no helmet riders we all see.

    You know, $10 helmet for a $10 head.

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    Check it out. Tom Erbo was wearing a helmet when he fell off his road bike and landed on a piece of road debris. This is the result. Can't imagine what would happen without his helmet.


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