Wintertime riding - what head/facewear do you use/recommend?-
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    Wintertime riding - what head/facewear do you use/recommend?

    I live in Michigan and ride in the winter. My wintertime riding is mostly at night (I work a 7:30 - 5:30 job, no light by the time I'm out). I also wear eye glasses. I currently use/wear an UnderArmor Coldgear tactical balaclava (full face). I've tried several different balaclavas, and the UA is the best thus far. One feature on one of the other clavas that I tried was on the TurtleFur clava. Although the head portion was junk/didn't work for me, I really liked its integral neck warmer. I removed the stitching of the neck piece and kept it for use with my UA clava.

    Wearing the UA clava with its face flap over my nose causes by breath vapor to fog up my glasses (not fun, especially at night), so I typically wear it just below my nostrils. Most of the time this is OK.

    Howerver there are times when the temperature and wind speed make riding with the the exposed skin areas around my eyes and glasses sheer torture. The wind and the temps make my eyes tear terribly. Had my first case of slight frostbite on my cheek about a week ago (2 degrees and wind 15 - 20 MPH out of the NNW). I'm thinking about searching for either a full ski mask type balaclava (with eyes, nose, and mouth opening), or goggles, or a helmet to wear when ride conditions are like this. My initial hope is for a suitable balaclava, or goggles, or both.

    For those of you that ride in the winter, and night, and during wind/temp conditions when exposed skin is at risk for frostbite, what head/facewear do you use?

    Care to share? Any/all tips are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!

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    Put some frostbite prevention cream on your face and remove the full face cover - there are products there (especially for small children) created for the purpose.

    I ride all winter, up to -20C with no issues on face, toes are a different matter though.

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    It looks like the best way to address this is a set of decent OTG goggles, probably with a polychromatic lens. Clear/untinted at night, auto tinting during the day.

    For those that were glasses, and ride at night in the wintertime, care to share your goggle preferences?

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    I never liked wearing OTG goggles, as they ALWAYS fogged on me, regardless of what anti-fog treatment or cleaning solution I used. One thing I came up with was using old, beat up motorcycle helmet visors drilled through the top and zip-tied to the helmet. Enough to keep some wind out of the face/eyes, but not close enough to the face to get super foggy like my goggles always did.

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