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    Winter riding

    Just started riding year round. I currently wear long undies, jeans, several layers of shirts, winter coat, gloves. I am looking for something better to ride in. Any suggestions for thermal pants, shirts, and something to cover the face during winter riding? any help would be appreciated.


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    For cold days I wear 2 socks, (because of the vented clipless shoe) leg warmers, (other alternative is tights) Endura hummvee shorts with it's liner,long sleeved undershirt, cycling shirt, softshell jacket, scarf and thermo gloves. (+ a beanie till i get to the forest)
    For very cold days I wear a pullover and undergloves (you know, a thin glove to wear under the main glove)
    Instead of the ordinary scarf I want a merino tube scarf, that's just better for riding because it's more comfortable.

    Most of the stuff were picked up in Decathlon so they aren't expensive but they get the job done.
    Right now the only thing I can't comment on are the leg warmers. Tomorrow will be the first day I use it.

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    call me a Smartwool whore. On my ride today, I wore Smartwool long underwear top and bottom and Smartwool liner gloves inside my EMS ski gloves. I am planning on upgrading my winter kit soon. I think I'd like to add a pair of softshell pants and winter shoes. My current ones are too tight to wear thick socks or layer socks without cutting off circulation. One thin pair of socks is all they can take. I have been wrapping them in duct tape to keep the wind out of the vents, but that's not good enough.

    I strongly prefer merino wool over synthetic for my base layers. It feels much better, wet (sweaty) or dry, and it avoids the stank well. Definitely not cheaper, though. I have synthetic base layer gear, also. All my heavier weight baselayers are synthetic because of cost. Softshell gear is great. I wore a light softshell jacket today underneath a hardshell. Worked well for me, but I'd like a heavier technical softshell for days like today so I can leave the hardshell at home.

    On my head, I wore a Buff. Best piece of winter gear I own. I can cover my face or not as I need. Usually I don't need to, but it's always an option. I also don't usually need thick insulation on my head. I just fold it over around my forehead/ears if I need a little extra there.

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    neoprene velcro shoe covers are what I use Nate, avoids the purchase of extra pair of shoes. these are similar to mine. Ive had them a long time (don't do much winter riding)
    Booties Sidetrack for Cycling Wind Water Resistant to Cover Bicycle Shoes | eBay
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    How cold are we talking?

    It was in the 20s today, but I was riding off-road. So not too much wind chill. I wore tights, a running T-shirt and thickish long-sleeved jersey, fleece cycling cap with ear-flaps, two pairs of gloves (liner and a little thicker,) two pairs of socks (liner and wool) and neoprene shoe covers. I won't say I was comfortable, exactly, but one of the problems of winter riding is avoiding overheating on the big efforts. And, it's not typical that it gets so cold here.

    Cotton sucks for being outdoors in the winter. It waterlogs easily and then gets cold. Lose the jeans. Wind pants would be a good alternative if you want more than just tights. Mine have a much heavier front panel, which helps if I'm riding on the road.

    Insulation tends to work better if there's trapped air. So several shirts are likely not as good as one decent fleece. For skiing, I've lately become a fan of softshells - they replace a fleece, but on milder days, I can skip my jacket. If it's really cold, I'll wear a down vest or jacket, though it's hard for me to imagine riding a bike in weather so cold I still needed that much insulation.
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    Not much good for this year, but I always hit up sporting goods stores in early spring. I've bought really good gear for steals. Mountain Hardwear is probably my favorite and I've found pearl Izumis winter gear for about 50% before. Don't necessarily limit yourself to just cycling specific gear.

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    I've had good luck with the REI Novara house brand gear. My winter setup is underarmor base layer, insulated water resistant tights, insulated cycling jacket and a water resistant windbreaker on top. Not going to work in the most extreme conditions but it covers a pretty wide range. If it's really cold I can add a layer of thermals underneath as well. I actually wrapped my shoes in duct tape to keep out the wind and water and use winter cycling sock, works well enough.

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