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    Winter Helmet...

    I spent last winter with a knit cap, summer vented helmet, and scarf to get through the Chicago winters. Did all right, but really didn't like the soaked-hat + vented helment combo. Any suggestions on a good winter helmet that will give some thermal protection to the ears as well?

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    I usually wear a knit cap under my bike helmet. I have wore my Giro ski helmet on a couple rides in very cold temperatures (it has ear flaps, lightweight, vents) It is slightly bigger than a bike helmet but worked well
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    Not sure about Chicago winters but for Northern California 30-40 ℉ I found the Urge Endur-o-Matic with a skullcap to work really well due to the minimal venting.

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    Urge is my cold weather helmet. I used it in 0-1C with the thicker padding. Wear a cap to it to cover your ears. Earphones are also good to protect the inside of ears from cold air.

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    I also use my ski helmet for winter riding, works great!!

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    I have been out down - 4F (-20C) in Manitoba and Alberta and my head never felt cold with a light polyrpo toque combined with a balaclava made thin polypro. I find that it's the hands and feet that feel it when it gets that cold.
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    Laser makes a snow biking specific helmet. I have one and have put in a lot of miles with it in sub 10 degree weather.
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    Sounds like a lot of people are doing what I did last year (Hat + something over the rest of the face). It certainly works... just trying to see if there's a better way to combat sweat on the cap/etc and the huge vents in the summer helmet. I'll have to check out the Urge... and I think the Lazer Dissent is the one Silentfoe referred to. Thanks for the thoughts, all.

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