The way my wrists sit on the bars, I need to wear relatively thick (gel) padded cycling gloves. I have tried all the adjustments and nothing works except thicker padding. I have a pair of C'dales (fair weather - half-finger) that have worked perfectly for for spring/summer/fall. As Minnesota winter approaches, I use a pair of C'dale microfleece gloves that fit over my fair weather gloves comfortably and I can ride that combo down to about 30F. For the really cold stuff, I have a pair of Pearl AmFibs that do a pretty good job of keeping my fingers warm but, after long rides, I still get the wrist fatigue/numbness. I tried wearing the fair weather gloves inside them but they're just too tight (XLs).

Anybody out there got the same issue and found a better solution for the colder temps? I am looking for something that will take me down to below zero if the mood strikes me.