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    New question here. will BODY ARMOR from other sports work with mt. biking?

    just started this sport and i was wondering if body armors like; KNEE SHIN GUARDS, ELBOW ARM GUARDS and CHEST/BACK SUITS from other sports like; motocross, ATVs, karting or even lacrosse would also work with MT. BIKING?

    they all seem to be made by the same material nowdays... and sometimes a motocross knee pad is cheaper then a mountain bike knee pad. but i am not sure... is the material used specifically for mt. biking ligther then the ones used for motocross?

    i was thinking to pick these two items up but they are for motocross...


    any input from you will be appreciated. thank you.
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    I don't see why it wouldn't as long as it doesn't restrict motion... the main goal is protection and armor from other uses will do that. I used to wear volleyball knee pads when I first started riding. I looked like a dork, and they didn't do much for my shins, but they saved me knees during crashes until I picked up some knee/shin guards designed for biking.
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    I agree, the only thing that I would think might be different is that the motocross stuff might be a little heavier.

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    To me those particular pads look like they will be a lot heavier. I don't know for sure though. I would recommend trying to find them somewhere where you can actually try them on first.

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    Motocross pads are a lot beefier than their mountain bike counterparts. I know some guys that use the mountain bike pads when riding dirt bikes, as it is lighter, cooler, and less restrictive.

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    For that price, they might be worth a try.
    The cheapest bike-specific knee/shin pads I found were some Fox's at PricePoint:

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    A guy who shuttles with me runs soccer shin guards with his Kyle Straits. With normal XC riding the most I would run would probably those (KS knee guards), they offer decent protection and have great ROM.

    For FR and DH, I run the whole shebang (pressure suit, fullface helmet, shin/knee guard (hard plastic, one piece), and carbon gloves (those work as spreading out the force of impact), and I also run the 661 Pro padded shorts as well). 661 makes FF helmets that can be used with motocross (bit heavier than bike-specific helmets) as well.

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    thank you all for your info. i will got to a motocross store and check a things out... as well a few bike stores here in my area (which, sucks i only have 3 bike stores in my area).

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    I imagine it would work, as long as it's not football or hockey pads you'll be good.
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    The other downside I see about using moto pads on a bike is that they weren't designed for the range of movements that you use on a bike. On a moto your legs are stationary for the most part, whereas on a bike they are moving the pedals and are designed to chaff less, blah blah blah.

    The moto pads are also heavier. I mean, if you are strictly doing downhill with no uphill sections I'm sure the moto pads will do fine, but if you plan on doing other types of riding I'd stay with bike specific stuff.

    Here is the stuff I use, while the pressure suit may be expensive it was the only one I could find that came in my size, otherwise I could have found something at a much cheaper price, and or on closeout for about half.

    A FF helmet, pads and suit for the gnar gnar may cost a few hundred, but will save tens of thousands in doctor bills and could save your life as well. This is not a good place to skimp on our sport here.



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    for xc riding i bought some cheap skateboard knee pads at target and then took a pair of my brothers soccer shin guards and just wear the two, wa-bang instant knee/leg protection from pedals and rocks for under 20 bucks, they are light and breathable, i would say lacrosse shoulder pads would work ok the only downside would be there is no spine protection, as savageman said though good protection can save lots of money in the long run if you end up crashing and having uber medical bills

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