I am looking at getting the Dainese Rhyolite Vest found here Dainese Rhyolite Vest > Apparel > Protective Gear > Chest Armor | Jenson USA Online Bike Shop And I am wondering what people have thought about it? I'm going to be doing climbing, down hill, XC, basically I live in the rockies and need some protection since I am getting old and recovery from bad crashes takes to long and I seem to crash alot and it's pretty rocky here. People say they are too short, are they? I'm 6'3'' 220lbs and I am gonna get the XXL, think I will be fine? I'm mainly looking for back protection and shoulder protection. Does this vest get hot? Do you wear it directly on your skin or with a shirt under it? Whay do you think about it? I don't hit jumps or do crazy downhill stuff, I just trail ride and I am trying to save myself from extra pain the next time I crash bad since it is only inevitable. Any input would be great, thanks.