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    Where to get weights of full face helmets?

    I want to buy a helmet and I'm wondering if the weight difference is significant between the carbon version and regular version of a helmet. The one I currently like most is the 661 Full Bravo Carbon and regular Full Bravo. I tried the regular version and the store can order me the carbon if I want but he doesn't know the weight difference. I picked up another brand of carbon helmet, it seemed to weigh less but it didn't feel significant.

    So anyone knows either an online store or an internet site that lists the weights of full face helmets? Bottom line if the difference between a carbon vs a regular is only 50 grams, then it's not worth the price difference at all...

    Thanks for your help.


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    It comes down to

    If you want to spend the extra bucks, go for it. But you probably won't notice the difference once it's on the ol' noggen anyway and you'll really only ever need to worry about two things... 1. Is it comfy? and 2. will it prevent me from splitting my skull open?

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    Hi Mario,

    Check with the guys at go-ride - www.go-ride.com in particular check the vigor vamoose II carbon helmet. I have heard very good things about it, and a reasonable price. Not sure if they carry the brands you are looking at, but they probably will give the weight diff on their product line.


    When you due out west?

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