Where do you buy shoes?

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  • 05-01-2008
    Where do you buy shoes?
    Hey all,

    I am looking at moving to some clipless pedals and shoes very soon. Time pedals seem like a good choice with good float and reliability, and I think I can find some good deals online, but was wondering where you guys buy shoes. I have rather wide feet, and can only wear extra wide new balance's for sneakers, so was wondering if finding a comfortable shoe may be a problem? Also, how accurate are the sizing charts to find the correct size? I am a little worried about buying shoes without ever trying them. It seems like I can get some Adidas Minrett shoes for a good deal right now. Any opinions on them, how's their width?

    Thanks all,
  • 05-01-2008
    Do not order a shoe online without first trying it on in a shop.
    Go down to your local bike shop and try some on. Once you find the brand and model that you like in the correct size then go online and find the killer deal on that particular shoe. Performance Bike has a pretty good selection. I have used TIME pedals with SIDI Dominator 5 shoes for years and wouldn’t change. They both perform top notch and last forever. I buy my SIDI's from Colorado Cyclist online; they usually have good deals on them.
  • 05-01-2008
    if you have wide feet, lake and sidi + a few others i can't remember right now are the only options. find a shoe that has something in stock and try it on. at least try on regular width shoes to find the right size. shoes are one of the things you really should try on before you buy.
  • 05-01-2008
    if there is one thing that i have always purchased at a shop, it has been bike shoes.

    the only shoes i will buy online are adidas superstars or KAJ's, because i am very familiar with their fit.
  • 05-01-2008
    If you go to a LBS to try on shoes you should really purchase them there.
  • 05-01-2008
    i would go to a good shop. if they are good they will help you out, and answer all your questions. then you can help them out by buying from them. they should be able to set them up for you and get you going.
  • 05-01-2008
    Those Adidas Minrett have a mesh and suede upper so there will be room for wiggle. I got a pair of the Adidas Razor and based on their sizing chart on line my 9.5 Nike foot size fit perfectly in the Adidas 9.5. I got them from Pricepoint along with some other goodies a couple of months ago. You could also do as others have suggested by going to your LBS, trying them on then find them online but I'd feel weird about just trying on their stuff and not buying anything...plus I'd prefer to get everything ordered and shipped to my door - gotta love the interweb!
  • 05-01-2008
    I am like you and have to wear wide shoes from new balance anything normal width kills my feet (I have flat feet). I purchased a pair of lake mtb shoes on sale from nashbar.com just to try them out. They are extremely comfortable and fit my foot well. I kept them. I also have a pair of sidi extra wides that my girlfriend picked up for me as a birthday gift. They are even more comfortable than the lakes, but for about $180 more than what I paid for the lakes they should be damn comfortable. I still wear my lake shoes for commutes and when it's really nasty out, but wear the sidi's on longer trips, but neither have ever made my feet hurt.

    Dress shoes and tennis shoes though, that's another story.
  • 05-04-2008
    there is a perfomance bike store by me and they claim you can return shoes not questions asked. I tired on a pair and they did not have my size. I went to rei and got sidi shoes on sale. They too said I can return them, I am a member there.