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    New question here. when should helmet be replaced?

    When should I replace a worn helmet? I had the giro helmet for 3yrs. I used it for 2yrs straight. Should I wait until the polystyerene get dry, crack then I replace it?

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    I've always been told helmets have around a 5-year lifespan. I don't think I've ever had a helmet last that long (I go over the bars too much, I guess).
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    Replace your helmet every two years or when it has a big dent or crack in it from a crash, whichever comes first. The newer helmets have better technology than those of only a few years ago, so it's a good idea to replace it about every two years or so.

    If you're not going to replace it, than at the very least, please, wash the pads... geeze....

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    Actually, Replace Every Crash

    Anytime your helmet hits the ground it's instant garbage. It, like race cars, is designed to break upon impact. It may not look damaged but chances are it is.

    If you manage to stay upright they do have a lifespan of about 5 yrs provided you store them out of the sun.
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    This one had to be replaced!

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    Replace It

    Go get a new one as soon as you are discharged from the emergency room.

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