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    When Helmets Do Thier Job...Post Pics and Story!

    I thought it would be good to start a thread where people can post up when they take a hard helmet hit and the story of the after effects.

    A few weeks ago I hit a tree dead on with my head taking all of the impact. According to my Garmin data I was going between 15-16mph when I hit. I was able to walk away with no concussion, I didn't knock myself out and most importantly all my extremities still in working order.

    This year I decided to get a new helmet with some new technology since my old on was a few years old. I went out with an open mind and wallet to get whatever felt the best and if it was going to be a $200+ helmet then so be it. I ended up with the Giro Chronicle MIPS helmet which was $100 bucks, it was the best money I've ever spent. I firmly believe that the MIPS system did its job, and helped me avoid a concussion.

    I've had a lot of soreness through the bottom of my neck where it meets the trap and the top of the neck where it meets the skull. I've been going to a Chiro and sleeping with a special pillow to keep my head from tossing and turning in the night.

    Below is two pictures of the helmet. The red circles are where the foam bracing is completely cracked through and the front brace is completely split in half including the plastic.

    When Helmets Do Thier Job...Post Pics and Story!-21273379_10100999010576756_5204874520239693151_o.jpgWhen Helmets Do Thier Job...Post Pics and Story!-21246380_10100999010586736_9062644410343952800_o.jpg

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    Holy moly, that must have been quite a smack. Glad to hear you're OK.
    Good idea for a thread, but fingers crossed I won't be contributing any pics.
    As ever it's pretty hard to tell if MIPS had anything/ much to do with the save, or if it was really just the foam shell absorbing the impact.

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