• 06-09-2016
    What's The Best Way To Clean A Helmet?
    Mine's starting to get a little funky (my head sweats a lot when I ride). A friend of mine told me he puts shampoo in his hair, puts on his helmet and continues his shower and takes the helmet off and then rinses the shampoo out of his hair. I have a feeling he's never really done that and is just trying to see if I'll actually try it. Another friend of mine sprayed Febreeze in his. He, along with the rest of us that rode with him after he had done this, agreed that it wasn't the best idea. Any other techniques out there? TIA.
  • 06-09-2016
    I just rinse mine in the kitchen sink and hang outside to dry.
  • 06-10-2016
    Well my motorcycle helmet I would use Window cleaner on the face shield, and baby wipes for the entire helmet. I guess the later would be my suggestion.
  • 06-10-2016
    What is it with you people and thread titles?
    I was going to say in the shower with a little soap :)
    Or get your woman to do it!

    But seriously what do you mean ? How to clean the outside or the fabric inside?
    Outside=in the sink with soap. Inside depends on whether or not your liner is removable.
    Mine is so I toss it in the laundry every few rides.
  • 06-10-2016
    DiRt DeViL
    Rinse and hang to dry, if stinks you can wash it with your favorite shampoo.
  • 06-10-2016
    I wash mine in the sink with a bit of liquid laundry detergent. I use an old toothbrush on the straps and to get the mud out of all the nooks and crannies and rinse well. Squeeze out the pads and let it dry. My buddy put his in the dishwasher without heat but I wouldn't try it.
  • 06-10-2016
    I rinse it out, and then use a baby wipe or two. Seems to work fine.
  • 06-10-2016
    Take a shower with it, but I don't wear it. Use same soap I use for body. Also I'll remove pads, throw into delicates/lingerie mesh bag & throw into the delicate cycle with rest of cycling clothes.
  • 06-10-2016
    RS VR6
    I'll wash the straps and pads in the sink with some hand soap. Eventually the pads will become so bad that the funk can't be washed out. When that time comes...I'll buy new pads...or a new helmet.

    A lot of the pads aren't that really durable. After a few washes...they start to separate.
  • 06-11-2016
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    Attachment 1075758Attachment 1075757I use Motorex helmet cleaner. It's a foam. You spray it in...rise it out... Let helmet dry.
  • 06-11-2016
    Thanks for all of the different techniques.
  • 06-21-2016
    One way I help my pads longevity is by patting the moisture out of the pads with a paper towel during and after rides. Patting dry during ride breaks allows the pads to soak up more sweat instead of it streaming into my eyes.