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    What you think about Oakley M si Hybrid frames?

    I was going to buy these for biking, what do you think? What is the recommended color lens? Should I bother with Oakley or just buy some cheap affordable lens?

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    I have been wearing oakley since 1996, and will not buy any other brand...I liked them so much I worked for them for 2 years in a retail store as assistant manager...however it is all personal preference...the M frames are amazing, they r light, durable, and fit snugly. I would stop at a store, bring a helmet, and see how they fit under the straps, make sure they r comfortable...in some cases may have to go with a half jacket or similar depending. The best thing about Oakley is the quality of lenses!! The polycarbonate is very strong, and your optics will be unaffected (meaning it will not bend the light and you can feel comfortable in your entire field of vision)...as for color, ice iridium and black iridium are re darkest, with fire and emerald iridium after, gold iridium, then red iridium. Fire, gold, and red are high contrast, meaning they will help you differentiate colors, and in the shade, you can decipher differences in color easier. If you r in a forested area, I recommend the red iridium, dark enough in the sun, and light enough in the shade. As far as hybrid, that is your choice...lenses should be heater (biggest),strike, hybrid, sweep(smallest). Try different sizes on, see which you like best. I use a red iridium pro m frame for running, but I'm looking into a new pair for MTB, I'll prolly go hybrid red iridium myself. As far as money goes, I think Oakley is worth every penny!! Especially the optics...happy shopping!!

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    Also, I wouldn't go too cheap, as I mentioned the cheaper the lense the worse they r for your eyes...but you can still find quality shades for a reasonable price, I know arnettes r pretty nice, and costa del mar, tho not quite sure on the price points...but cheap glasses give me major headaches after only 5 minutes, i can wear Oakley 24/7, and I used to lol! Looked wierd indoors tho haha jk

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    I'd go with radar, some nice g30 or vr28 lens iridium or not is up to you. I have a fe Ms frame including pro M. Radar is more comfortable.

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    Radar would be great for cycling. That style is not well suited for everyday wear but great for cycling. The full lenses offer complete coverage. That being said. I've been on an Oakley binge lately...looking for glasses that I can wear both riding and all the time. I ordered a pair of Minute 2 (not sure the even make them anymore) and returned those. They were waaay too small, like kids glasses. I went to the store and tried on the Flak Jacket and the Straight Jackets. The Flak Jacket with the XLG lenses would be fine for riding as they have good coverage and could be worn all the time. I actually liked the Straight Jackets better. Those have a full frame around the lenses and look good for everyday wear.

    In the end I chose not to buy any Oakley frames. $180 for polarized Straight Jackets/Half Jackets/Flak Jackets and when you pick them up they feel like a $10 pair of glasses. Just cheap feeling.

    I finally decided to go with a dedicated pair of everyday glasses with Maui Jim Kanaha. Cheaper and better optics. I already have a very nice pair of Rudy Project Kerosene for riding. These are similar to the Radars. They are great for riding but look goofy walking around the hood.

    Anyhow sorry for the long post. I'd go to Sunglass Hut or wherever and try the Radars on. If you don't like that style try the Half Jackets/Straight Jackets etc.

    On a side note. Take a look at Rudy Project as well. Pricey but great deals can be had on their site. The best thing about those is that they will sell you replacement lenses (whatever you have on your current model) for 20 bucks. That means 2 years from now when my riding glasses are all scratched up or damaged I get a $90 set of lenses for way cheap
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    I've been an Oakley fan for a long time and own 8 different pairs of their sunglasses. I was riding with gas cans and fuel cells but found that my eyes would get dry and cause my contacts to get dry and irritated. So I went and bought a dedicated set of glasses strictly for mtb riding. Wound up getting a pair of Jupiter series Jawbones. All I can say is wow!!! I don't know how Oakley does it but these don't fog up nor do my eyes get dried out even with the vented lenses.

    While the Jupiter Series is more expensive than the normal Jawbones but they look funky which I was going for and they come with 2 pair of lenses. Red iridium and high intensity yellow. Also comes with a custom carrying case for glasses but it also holds 2 extra pairs of lenses.

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