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    What type of shoes to buy?

    From reading the wealth of information on this site, I've decided to go with a pair of Crank Brothers' Mallet clipless pedals. The problem that I have now is that I do not know what type of shoes to go along with the pedals. I've read that firmer soled shoes would work for mtn type of riding...but I couldn't find any brands/models to reference prices off of.

    Anybody have recommendations on good soled mtn biking shoes that they have had good experiences with? My budget is probably less than $100 for the shoes if that helps.


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    First of all the mallets have a platform around them, so getting shoes with big cleats won't be a good idea.

    I use a similar pedal and I use Shimano MP66 shoes, they have a grippy rubber sole what sticks to the platform when you're not clipped in.

    BTW all the SPD compatible shoes will be firm, some more than others.

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    The brand or type of shoe is...

    not the most important thing. The most important is FIT!!! There are lots of shoes out there that will fit in your budget range. Pearl Izumi, Shimano, Lake, Specialized (my prefered brand based on fit), Sidi, Sixsixone. All of them make good shoes, and shoes that will be compatable with your pedals. The biggest thing is to get out and try on shoes! Even if you intend to buy online, GO OUT AND TRY THEM ON!!! Shoes fit differently from one manufacturer to another and sizes vary in the way the fit as well. So shop around at bike shops and sproting goods stores that sell cycling shoes. Try em on. Once you find something that fits that you like go from there. You can either buy them from the shop or store, or buy the EXACT SAME SHOE online if you want. And one word of caution. Don't get your cycling shoes to fit like your sneakers do! You want them to hold your foot firmly without slipage anywhere!!! But with enough room in the toe box so you can wiggle your toes, and you don't want your toes to touch the end of the shoe! You want the comfortable but not loose. So get out and start shopping. You'll find lots of shoes available in your price range. Just make sure they fit.

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    I echo the Shimano MP66 shoes! That's my next purchase. Any suggestion where I can get a pair at a good $? Thanks Creamy...

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    Fit is #1 just like helmets and saddles everyone is different
    #2 stiff sole, makes it easier to clip in & out , also makes a better platform for your foot to stand on (I know mallets have a platform but you may change pedals and the mallet platform isnt that big)

    #3 rubber lugs , if you have to walk, youll be glad you have them, especilly over slippery rocks and logs

    dont be to worried about the sole interfering with the clips, thats what Dremel tools are for. if its an issue just grind off a little bit of the lugs untill theres no interference

    I like Sidi & specialized for clipless

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