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    What type of pants...

    What type of pants do you guys wear when it is too cold for shorts? I am just getting into mountain biking and I don't have any pants that I feel would work well for biking (they are too baggy and would get caught in the chain).

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    First go-to is leg warmers. Just add them to your normal gear. Cheap and easy.

    After that...full tights with your normal gear, then insulated tights.

    If I needed more than that I'd look at some of the endura riding pants, but I haven't had to go that far yet.

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    So I thought riding pants would be a good idea too, insulated tights work well and aren't to flashy. Riding pants tend to be made for racing and therefore although looking sort of cool in the magazines they are bulky cuz you're supposed to be able to put pads on underneath. I bought a couple pairs that are taking up space in my closet, not recommended - a pair of tights works too well - pads can be worn over the top.
    Just my $0.02 cents

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