• 09-20-2004
    What Shoes for Shimano 520's?
    Hey everyone,
    I was wondering, since im planning to purchase a pair of clipless pedals, which shoes to get. I'm a complete amateur at clipless buisness so i havent the faintest clue. do just all pedals work with all shoes, or do i need some special ones?
    thanks in advance!
  • 09-20-2004
    Most shoes work with most pedals but there are some odd configurations that either won't work or need some surgery to work well. You mainly need to make sure the cleats will fit the shoe. Ask if your cleats will fit the particular shoe you're interested in before buying. I'd recommend buying shoes at a LBS because you will need to try them on to see if they fit well. Fit is the number 1, 2 and 3 criteria when buying shoes. If you find several pairs that fit then move on to price, features, looks, etc.