• 05-13-2007
    What Helmet Video Camera's do they use in the Freeride Videos?
    Almost all of the amateur stuff is never as good as the professional stuff when it comes to picture quality.
    So I'm wondering, do they make their custom camera's or are they available to the public?
    I did a quick search and realized the high end ones are bloody expensive.
    Are they worth it?

    And lastly, How is it riding with a helmet cam on your head?
  • 05-13-2007
    I've got a Viosport Adventure Cam 3. It's a great camera. The biggest thing that you need to think about is the camera you attach it to. I'm using a Sony DCR-SR80 and it's very good. The helmet camera has a good Sony chip in it, allowing it to change for available light and such in good time. The setup isn't too bad to ride with: just a wire coming off your helmet and the camera in your pack. Very similar to riding with a light on your helmet. Most of the time you don't know it's there.