• 09-17-2018
    What happened to big chunky clipless DH shoes?
    e.g. the Five Ten Impact VXi clipless?

    I've now decided that I'm jumping full-bore into clipless, and want a more substantial shoe and pedal for DH. I think Saints will work well as pedals, but I'm struggling to find a more substantial shoe. Really, just a Freerider with clips would be fine...

    But everything now is an ultra-lowtop that looks like it has zero ankle support. At least the Freeriders have some.

    I'm got a couple pairs of Giro Chambers incoming to see how they fit me.

    The Shimano AM-line seems worth trying, but they seem discontinued? I only see them carried in random sizes (not mine).

    And that's the extent of my prospects. The Impacts looked perfect until I realized I couldn't buy them...
  • 09-17-2018
    Oh, and I just realized that there was a Giro Chamber mid, which looks much like old Impact clips. Annndddd...also out of production.

    Is there some reason why clipped DH racers DON'T want a chunky shoe with some ankle support, at the least? If not a true 'mid' shoe altogether? I get that they like minimalist functionality, but for the guys hitting rough landings at ludicrous speeds, you'd think that burly, supportive shoes with the ability to get something close to a mid-clip (lot of the low tops also pretty much restrict you to ball-of-foot clips) would be something that's at least offered, if not overwhelmingly popular.
  • 09-25-2018
    I've been looking for a clip-less skate-style shoe, and not coming up with much. I guess they just don't sell well enough to make.